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VICEWRLD IDO Announcement

Important announcement regarding the $VICE token listing

First and foremost your BNB and $VICE are safe, and this smart contract flaw only affects Lithium investors.

Today Lithium discovered a logic flaw in the token sale contract. After liasing with all partners involved in the launch; Adoriasoft, SAFU, and Vicewrld we have decided to delay the claiming of the $VICE tokens for investors. This decision was taken to protect the investors cash, currently held in escrow just in case the line of code identified negatively impacted the claiming of both VICE and BNB tokens resulting in incorrect allocations.

Next Steps

To ensure that the correct allocations of both $VICE and BNB are returned to the investors using the Lithium Launchpad it has been decided that custom scripts are to be written following the staking logic and applied to an airdrop function.

This function will override the manual claim option that was previously available on the launchpad. This will be fixed in time for the next IDO and we regret that the user experience has been impacted in this way for our first IDO and fans of the Vicewrld project.

The airdrop is expected to take place within the next 24 hours and will be further communicated closer to the time. All parties have agreed to delay by this time to ensure the fairest launch for all IDO and whitelisted investors.

We apologise for all inconvenience this causes, and understand that it is not optimal for investors of the token. However, we remain just as excited for the eventual launch of $VICE on pancake swap and can guarantee that you will not be late to the party behind anyone else.



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