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Setting our Culture

It’s often said that the culture of a company is just a combination of the cultures of the founders. I have to agree that at every (small) company I’ve worked in, the culture generally trickles down from the founders, pervading the rest of the business.

At Lithium, we have just started hiring for key roles, Ben, Jake and I can no longer run every part of the business, and in many cases, we just don’t have the specific knowledge to do so.

When we hire it’s crucial we get the culture fit right, and a good way to do that is to write out what our culture actually is, and share this with potential hires. In startups, good teams mean that 1+1 can equal 3 — the combination of a couple of great people, motivated by the same vision and sharing the same beliefs can outweigh the individual contributions of both.

So here we are, the Lithium culture, as it currently stands.

Principle 1 — Aggression

Early-crypto is incredibly fast-paced. Deals get closed in hours, not weeks. Product iterations must be rapid. Communities expect constant development, or they lose interest and move on.

The modus operandi of anyone at Lithium needs to be aggression. We need to be fighting for deals, fighting to provide as much value to founding teams and fighting to ensure our community knows we are really grinding out for them.

Sometimes we may make rushed decisions that are not 100% optimal. This is ok. As long we make decisions quickly and learn from them, speed is prioritised over accuracy.

This principle is not set in stone. As we become more established, and as the crypto market matures, we may revisit this principle, and decide it no longer serves us — but right now, for the size of company we are, and the market we are in, aggression needs to be top of mind.

Principle 2— Respect

The best decisions and ideas come from open, candid conversations with people who really care about the vision of the company. You can’t have open, candid conversations without respect.

Sure, Jake, Ben and I will shout at each other, curse each other, express why we think the other opinion is misinformed, but the only reason this is possible is that we all deeply respect each others opinions, and want to get to the truth of the matter as efficiently as possible.

Anyone joining Lithium should have to expect to stand their ground, to expect the occasional integration, but this is only done because we genuinely respect each other and each other's opinions and just want to get to the truth.

Principle 3— Community First

We are only as strong as our community. Our community is our lifeblood, it’s what drives the hype of our projects, it’s what allows us to attract the best launchpad projects, not to mention that the trading volume of $EBSC is what keeps the dev wallet topped up.

Whenever we make any decision we need to think about our community as the first stakeholder. Whether this is reallocation of profits, product direction, launchpad projects or communication — community is number one.

We can never rest on our laurels when our community is content. We must always be seeking ways to better educate our community on what we are doing. We must always be looking for ways we can provide more value. We must always be looking for ways to get direct feedback, so we can prioritise their needs front and centre.

Principle 4— Long-Term Games Only

Crypto is full of short-term games with people who think only about the immediate future. Whether that’s the prevalence of pumps and dumps, developers who don't know what they are talking about, or moving in and out of trades multiple times a day — short term thinking is everywhere.

We want to buck this trend. We are passionate about everything Web3. We want to be here 10 years from now, adding value to early-stage crypto projects, just as we do now.

We will only work with people we can see ourselves working with 10 years from now. We will only back projects we can see thriving 10 years from now, and we will only pursue goals that we think will stand us in good stead 10 years from now.

Principle 5— Have Fun

You can’t thrive at what you do unless you have fun. One of the things that draws people to Web3 is it isn’t stuffy. No one cares about what college you went to, no one cares about your age or what you look like, no one feels the need to act a certain way.

We want Lithium to be a fun place to hang out, we want to joke around with silly gifs and memes, we want to create a culture and environment where people want to be. If we do this we will draw investors and talent alike, we might not always be able to compete on salaries, but we can always compete on providing a great environment.

We are currently hiring for roles in Product, marketing and more. If you are interested in coming to work for us, drop us a line on our Telegram




Future Venture is a publication from Lithium Ventures, covering IDO’s, announcements, and opinion pieces.

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Lithium are a seed and pre-seed crypto venture capital and incubator platform. We exist to power real utility in early-crypto.

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