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Wizardia Launch on Lithium

Play-to-Earn Magic in a Fantasy Megaverse


Wizardia is a unique P2E game set in a futuristic world, enhanced with magic. The game persuades with immaculate graphics, captivating combat mechanics, and deep lore.

Wizardia is built upon three core principles:

  • Innovative turn-based combat
  • Player-decision driven game evolution
  • Upgrade-based character progression

Wizardia players are able to specialise many parts of the experience, including game modes, building the Wizardia metaverse, crafting items, and much more. Wizardia is a highly anticipated project, backed by some big names in the space such as AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, and CRT Capital.


What makes Wizardia special is that both players and passive investors can earn. Investors can earn by generating passive income from revenue-generating NFTs or holding valuable in-game NFTs which can be traded to other players and investors.

Players can earn from in-game interactions through two mechanisms: (1) Player to player and (2) Player to vault to player.

(1) Players can earn by winning wagers, acquiring resources or rare NFTs, or investing time and money into their Wizards—all elements can later be re-sold. Wizardia also features a unique crafting feature, which allows you to mix different consumables/artefacts/abilities in the form of NFTs to generate new, more powerful NFTs. Naturally, you can then sell these NFTs or use them to dominate in the arena.

(2) So-called “Arena Genesis NFTs” allow you to earn passive income from an in-game Arena that collects small fees for facilitating Player versus Player battles. Further, participation in tournaments to win in-game currency and/or $WZRD and/or valuable NFTs can earn you an income.

As you can see, Wizardia is not short of providing ways to earn income for both passive investors and players—all while delivering one of the most exciting games we’ve come across in a long time.


There are two main problems that Wizardia solves. First, there’s the obvious one: The majority of P2E games on the blockchain are kind of sh!t. They focus too much on the “earn” aspect and grossly neglect the “play” aspect. Admittedly, games don’t always need to be super developed to be captivating (think: Angry Birds, Tetris, Candy Crush, etc.), but building a simple game that is addictive—chances are probably less than one in a million.
Second, many games that are actually able to offer fun gameplay with great graphics lack community, which makes sense: They spend all their efforts on developing a fantastic game but completely forget to put effort into building a community. Any game without a fun and well-built community is not going to survive.


As we mentioned, many games are kind of sh!t. Make no mistake, Wizardia really is not only a “slightly better than sh!t” game; it’s playing in its own league. Wizardia impresses with extremely fun gameplay and insane graphics, leaving most P2E games on the blockchain in the dust.
In terms of building a community, Wizardia understood the assignment and pushed heavy to engage and captivate gamers early on. Wizardia has built impressive hype (deservedly so) around its product, and we can’t wait to see its community grow!

Whitelist and Giveaway

Wizardia have teamed up with Lithium to run an exclusive whitelist and giveaway for their Private and Public Sales.

Enter the competition here > https://bit.ly/3Mg1hiO

Raise Details

Private Sale
Raise: $50,000
Price: $0.08
Vesting: 15% TGE Month, 1 month cliff, 5% month 3, 10% Monthly Linear after

Public Sale
Raise: $100,000
Price: $0.12
Vesting: 20% TGE Month, 20% Monthly Linear



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