Days of Summer event (Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4)

No, it’s not a music festival, I’m not cool enough to go to those..

Winston Robson
Jun 4 · 5 min read
This whole “Ps4 fiRsT” thing is getting really old.. Source: Treyarch (Twitter)

Today, as the second half of Operation Spectre Rising, we saw the annual return of Call of Duty’s Days of Summer seasonal game update. First live on PS4, some (but not all) changes have been implemented on Xbox One as well, with the remainder coming to non-PS4 players next week.


Free Grind Map, Capture the Flag, New Weapons, Gameplay Tuning, League Play Update + More

Alongside the launch of Capture the Flag, and free for all players, Grind (the skatepark first seen in Black Ops 2) is now in rotation on PS4.

CTF gameplay: grab your opponent’s flag, run it back to your base, protect your own flag at the spawn and get the capture. First team to capture three times or get the most captures wins the round, and the first team to win two rounds takes the match.

Today’s update also brings a treasure trove of new and classic weapons for MP, with a Weapon Bribe at Tier 25 in the Contraband stream, the new Vendetta sniper rifle at Tier 50, and the S6 Stingray tactical rifle, Peacekeeper assault rifle, Locus bolt-action sniper rifle, and Ballistic Knife now available in the Black Market and unlockable through the Weapon Bribe.

Basically anyone not wanting to provide additional monetary stimulus to Activision gets one gun, and those with unlimited disposable income or access to their parents’ credit cards get five guns.

Regarding multiplayer gameplay tuning changes:


Summer Map Updates, Post-Flood Map, Ground War, Attack Helicopter, Hawk + More

Note: that’s not a regular weapon coming form the helicopter, keep reading to find out more!

To the main map, the 2nd half of Operation Spectre Rising brings summer lighting and foliage along with:

  • Hidden Coolers containing Paint Can rewards (similar to Pots of Gold seen during the Shamrock and Awe event)
  • Throwable Water Balloons (similar to snowballs seen during the Holiday event)
  • Seasonal decorations throughout the map including BBQ-themed parties, balloons, yard flamingos, flags, and pool floats.

Now that the flood is over, players will see changes all across the map: the floodwater has receded, Hydro Dam is under reconstruction, Factory is being repaired, Cargo Docks has been restored with new layout changes, and Hijacked has set sail for the cove at Nuketown Island.

Large-scale 50 vs. 50 warfare has made its way to Blackout.

Drop in along your team’s flightpath or get behind enemy lines early on, and eliminate the opposing team to secure the win. More loot than usual will spawn throughout the map, ammo drops are doubled, and “Down But Not Out”-style redeploys are enabled to help keep the action going until the final circle.

Ground War, the new 50 v. 50 Blackout game mode, is now live on PS4 (Xbox One next week)

Friendly fire has been disabled in Ground War, and players can revive any downed players in their team (not just those in their immediate squad). Additionally, from watching Speros’ stream this morning, I must note the seeming shortage of healing items spawning in this mode, so watch out for that.

With two mounted heavy turrets, the Hawk is ready for deployment. This attack helicopter is also equipped with a sensor for scouting enemies throughout the map.

By popular demand, Coward’s Way Out has been added in redeploy modes. To activate, players can hold the USE button and reduce the time spent in the downed state. This can be used tactically to queue up in time for the next redeploy, or to simply get on with it if your squad is a bunch of bums and “can’t” revive you.

Finally, while Ground War kicks off today on PS4, we’re bringing Ambush Solo to Xbox One and PC this week featuring solo play with snipers, knives, and launchers only — just like old-school Ambush. Enjoy!

Yeah, I really wanted to spend 15 minutes trying to find people only to get cross mapped and thrown on a YouTube montage. Definitely didn’t want to keep playing Alcatraz (which is no longer available). Thanks Activision, you’re the best!


Labours of Hercules Gauntlet, New Weapons, Fan-Favorite Elixirs, New Mastercraft & MK II Weapon Support, Gauntlet Leaderboards + More

Once again, Zombies sees a new Gauntlet, along with “four new Epic Elixirs, new weapons, Gauntlet Leaderboards, new Mastercraft and MKII Weapon support, gameplay improvements, and more!”

Here’s the rundown:

The team is currently hard at work on even more content for the remainder of Operation Spectre Rising — including the launch of Hard Mode Gauntlets and increased in-game rewards for Zombies players — as we prepare for our return to the Aether story in our next Operation in July. We can’t wait to share more details soon on where the Zombies saga is headed in DLC 3… stay tuned.

New Community Challenge

The Community Challenge will reward players with the fully-customizable Grav assault rifle in Multiplayer after the community has completed a total of 15 million public matches.

Rah rah, they need more playtime to impress shareholders. We get it.


Honestly I’ve got nothing, this was basically what was expected and there’s nothing all that wow about the Days of Summer event.

Hopefully Alcatraz is returning soon, because Xbox has basically been sent back to pre-Operation Spectre Rising, and it’s pretty boring to be honest.

Here’s the advert, thanks for stopping by, catch y’all next time:

Source: r/Blackops4

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