Tips on scaling up your Developer Engagement, Support & Acquisitions.

Steven Salah
Jun 12 · 3 min read

These slides were pulled straight from a presentation given at the Evans DataDeveloper Relations Summit by Avi Harsh, CEO of Weavr along with Grace Francisco, VP Developer Relations at Roblox. Evans Data is an industry leader focused on market intelligence focused on all areas of development from software to hardware to mobility.

With many years of Developer Relations experience in their background, everyone (in the Developer Relations field or not) will learn the values of Developer Engagement, Support & Acquisition.

Throughout this post, you will learn how being a good developer advocate requires similar attributes as composing a symphony, using the Sing & Rap strategy. No, not literally.

Scaling Up Developer Engagement, Support & Acquisition

Developer Engagement & Outreach Frameworks


  • Planning & Groundwork strategy sessions


  • Execution & Metrics

Advocates need to make a plan. First, define what sources you should be looking at. Then, drill down your searches by finding the right developers.

Self Serve Content- Developer Site/ Tutorials/ Best Practices, API reference/ Inspiring Dev Stories. Sources- What sources to target/ Every industry is different. Segmentation- who are your most important developers
Influencers- What are you influencers persona / Personas of your community Champion — Internal Evangelists who are the main stakeholders internally/ how do we align the program of the company’s goals

Find your influencer’s and define your champions. It is important to maintain your champions interest, while also seeking out to find new influencers.

New Content- How will you Generate New Content/ How will you make a consistent pipeline

Keep your content fresh, strategize internally by making a plan. Colab with your marketing team to make sure there is a consistent line of content coming out in relation to new updates or new releases.

Gamification- What can you offer to Devs/ Badges & Rewards/ In-House leaderboard. Global Strategy- Best Developers could be Anywhere/ Localization for the main page

Rewards and Recognition are key when interacting with Developers. Show their value in unique ways. Think, how would you like to be rewarded if you were a developer?

Reply & Respond/Recognize/Repurpose/Retweet

The 4 R’s framework that is religiously spoken from Weavr’s very own CEO Avinash Harsh. Respond to influencer’s of interest publicly, or respond in a direct message format and build a rapport. Recognize/ Reward those who are contributing to your community. Utilize the Retweet button on twitter.

Ask/ Attribute/ Analysts/ Amplify

Be curious. Analyze topics of discussion and continuously learn about the external and internal communities.

Partner- Partner with adjacent communities & companies. Promote- Tools listings/ online meetups/ lunch & learn. Preserve- Learn, Tweak, Improve but don’t give up — it takes time but the rewards are AMAZING

Be active in the community. Find partners, go to meetups, and preserve while you improve on this partnership.

Put it all together. Weavr is helping Developer Advocates master the Sing and Rap strategy by composing their own symphony in the most convenient strategic ways. Simplify your work while improving the speed and quality of your strategies.

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