Introducing FUTURED

Tyler Lastovich
Jul 16, 2018 · 2 min read

A long-form publication covering the topics of future tech, health, and society.

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FUTURED (v.) is an ultra-modern online publication that discusses topics of interest with regard for what is to come. Featuring a bold, distinctive design, we aim to produce online material that reads like Wait But Why, yet looks closer to The Outline with a touch of Black Mirror thrown in. We are not making click-bait 10-a-day type articles, but well-stated 4–10 minute reads about where the world is heading and what is being made to get there.

This means that FUTURED will cover topics of a wide variety and at differing depths, hopefully piquing the interest of those naturally curious. Initially we plan to feature technology companies and products that are influential and outside of the normal eye. We will also offer thought pieces about modern topics and trends — rants included.

Some initial topics we have interest in covering:

  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Mixed reality
  • Blockchain tech (our own experiences)
  • The state of * of the internet (commenting, connecting, messaging, etc)

We will not be covering anything political and aim to be opinionated, yet agenda-less.


Product reviews are duplicated 100x across the internet today. We think that the most interesting products are those not available on Amazon. We plan to offer a review service for alpha/beta products to get some exposure to an interested crowd. (Including product photography.) If you are interested in this let us know!

We have future plans to offer a full catalog of stock photography for up-and-coming products. Stay tuned for more…

Incentives (tokens!)

FUTURED will not have any paid staff initially. In order to incentivize high quality productions, we are working with Simple Token to provide a blockchain token that can be linked to each story/author. This will allow readers to donate directly to authors, subscribe to FUTURED, purchase advertising, and place bounties on topics that they would like covered in more depth.

As using a token for open journalism is still a new concept, we will be covering our development experience with it weekly. We are also participating in the Simple Token ⍺III program, helping test and improve the platform.

While you wait, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and check out some of our concept art on Behance.


Inspiring thought about the future of technology, health…

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