FutureDAO Second Bi-weekly Report of October

robbie wang
Nov 1 · 2 min read

This report tells the FutureDAO the latest development in the second half of October.

Front-end progress

FutureDao new version v2.0.1:

Completed the financing management deployment contract, set the return, financing information, and realized the financing management function.

Completed the project starts financing function

Added details after the project started financing including:

Project token price module, showing the current purchase price of the token and the sale price

Purchase a token gift pack display module to display the token pack status

The team-reserved token information module to display the team reservation token information.

Contract details module showing contract details

Historical price chart showing historical prices in a month and in a week

Trading record module showing my records and all records

Server-side progress

Added the project contract query function

Added the token price query function

Added the package list query function

Added the reserve token query function

Added the project financing details

Added the trading list query function

Added the contract analysis function

Added statistics of reserve token data

Added statistics of reserve token unlocking data

Added statistics of system parameter setting data

Added statistics of fund pool data

Added statistics of buy and sell historical data

Added statistics of hourly buy and sell price data

Back-end progress

Revised one vote veto related logic and added the use limit of one vote veto

Added several contract notifications

Set up the Ethereum crawler system which crawls the block data, transaction data, and notifications of the executed contract on Ethereum.

Wrote the function of deploying contracts at the background


A DAICO platform for creative projects’ financing and governance

robbie wang

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A DAICO platform for creative projects’ financing and governance

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