Wageningen and the Dutch Food Valley. Eat and get inspired

The group at Wageningen University

Another early start and a sunny morning on the road, with our champions heading to Wageningen University. Many of those who studied at Wageningen mentioned how small the campus is. However, the huge number of active researchers affiliated to Wageningen in many countries, has earned this university its reputation as one of the top universities in the area of food and agriculture worldwide. Before the students left they made a quick stop at the future restaurant, which is more like a laboratory to study human behaviour with regard to food.

Colours, textures, flavours and nourishment, what more to ask for?

True to their name, Food Inspiration offered an inspiring lunch based on the Maslow pyramid, talk about food for thought! Delicious salad and soup that were also healthy were part of the food experience based on this philosophical view. If you wish to delve more into the concept here is a piece about food and the Maslow pyramid.

Remeker farm was the next stop. Run by Van de Voort family, the farm boasts a high quality production of cheese from Jersey cows whose milk is known for its high fat content. The students saw the cows and the whole cheese making process all the way through to the aging, and the best part: tasting!

A jersey cow responding to the gentle touch of our lovely Alice bennets.

The day might not seem as full as the other days, but wait until you read about the dinner which was memorable. It was tasting menu at the De Echoput, the superb restaurant amidst the Royal woods of Het Loo, which also means they have a selection of the finest game dishes. If that was not enough the students got even more inspired by Professor Peter Klosse’s presentation on how much flavor matters, and how gastronomy goes beyond elitism and towards bringing back the human culture.

Today flavor and health benefits of food are overlooked by the industry. Recognizing the attribution of flavor, according to Professor Klosse could bring about a desirable change to how people relate to their food.

The students got to experiment with food and wine pairings under the supervision of Professor Klosse. The best conclusion for the third day of the Global Mission.

Professor Peter Klosse sharing his passion for and knowledge of flavors and gastronomy.

The day that followed was a free exploration day, so make sure you follow the hashtag #FIGM17. After a short stop in Lisbon the students are to head to Boston. Want to know what they will see/do there? Stay tuned for the next post.