Researching for the Future of Food

The first week is gone, and so much thoughts and emotions runs in my head and in my soul. For one who come from a working experience in the Italian public institutions, the jump into the heart of the American tech and startuppers city is very long…quite crazy! This is San Francisco.

Fortunately I will have a very careful and connected Cicerones during my visit: the Future Food Institute! Since I arrived in city Chiara Cecchini welcomed me and immediately launched into the chaos of food events of the city: first of all we run to the Hampton Creek family dinner event, into a tricky place where I tried the egg-free scrumbled eggs preview, amazing kick off!

Then we moved to the Exploratorium Museum in Embarcadero, just next to the Ferry Building, for the “After dark: Future Foods” hexibits where we met a lot of startups in food business eager to show us their innovative ideas, such as Green Skies Vertical Farm, a micro-farm combining drip irrigation with recirculating bioponics (a soil-less farming technique), and rainfall catchment to greatly minimize water use.

We also attended to a talk led by Rebecca Chesney Researcher Director at Institute For The Future, a very exciting researcher I firstly met at G7 agri in Bergamo last month. She explained the emerging ingredients for food innovation, the recipes for a sustainable future, made of scalable biodiversity, cloud intelligence, experimental biodesign, rewritable narrative and engaged eaters. I am very interested in her ideas and I will deepen into these topics very soon!


Totally change of set, on Sunday we moved to Davis, a pretty and quiet typical American city, where one of the main university in US is located. Close to Sacramento, it has small buildings, endless parks and squirrells cheering on oak trees. We stayed there for three days attending the IC Foods conference, gathering industry and academic partners around the world to build the semantic platform for the Internet of Food (IoF). The goal of IC Foods project is creating technical and computational capabilities on an underlying data architecture of connected ontologies. The conference was also the chance to meet other hilarious characters like my new friend Douglas Gayeton an explosive mind with his Lexicon of Sustainability, and Matteo Vignoli (Food Innovation Program Director) that during a such technical conference full of engineers and mathematical thinkers started his speech recounting as the ancient Roman Apicio has been the first person in history to make Open Innovation writing the first recipe’s book, I definitively dropped down from the chair!


At the end, the first impression of this new adventure is a confirmation of a my first idea, the convincement behind every successfull organization, big goal achieved, work and effort, is the unlimited passion, the totally devotion and the forward visions of the people that believe in it. I see how these features makes the difference in business, and when showed (even in a so frantic city!) are beautifully attractive to the people around.

For new updates of my San Francisco’s journey…stay tuned!