20 Ways To Earn SNAC Tokens in 2020

Jan 16, 2020 · 4 min read

We have already welcomed 2020 — a brand new year and a brand new decade. To celebrate the new year, SNAC has opened “NewYearEvent” allowing users to post different content related to the number 20 e.g 20 things to do in 2020, my profile picture 20 years ago vs now, my first love at the age of 20 etc.

To keep the theme alive, here we are posting 20 different ways to earn SNAC Tokens using the SNAC Application.

  1. Sign Up Reward: The best way to get SNAC Tokens is to join the app. And the moment you sign up, you get 2000 SNAC tokens right away ~
  2. Follow Others Reward: 500 extra SNAC tokens are given when you follow 3 people.
  3. Referral Reward: Referral Reward acts like “Killing 2 birds with one stone” as once you refer SNAC to someone using your referral code, and the other person joins SNAC, both you and the other person will get 1000 tokens.
  4. Video Ads: Do you know you can insert ads on the videos you upload on SNAC. For every ad view, you get 1 SNAC ~
  5. Game: Who doesn’t love online games? Well on SNAC you can play your favorite games and also if you rank among the top 30 players for each round, you get rewarded depending on your position.
  6. FORK: Fork lets you answer YES/NO type questions. For every question, you pick a side and winners are selected based on the majority votes.
  7. BEST Post: Every week the top 3 posts are rewarded with tons and tons of SNAC. So post quality content and be among the top creators.
  8. Betting: SNAC introduced betting on content features for the first time allowing you to try your luck. If you’d bet on the top 3 contents, you will be rewarded with extra SNAC tokens compared to your bet amount. Details
  9. Vote: Voting on your favorite posts also gets you 100 SNAC / Betting round.
  10. Events: Keep an eye on the various kind of SNAC events to help you win up to 10,000 PIA coins or 1,000,000 SNAC tokens. A few of the events held in the past were ChristmasEvent, HalloweenEvent, NewYearEvent etc.
  11. Mining Post: Checking into various places like restaurants, cafes, etc also gives you a random coupon of up to 10,000 PIA coins or 1,000,000 SNAC.
  12. Mining Comment: Leaving a comment under the mining post while checking into the same location allows you to win up to 1,000,000 SNAC.
  13. SNAC Idea Challenge: Submit a cool idea about SNAC and 10 winners will receive 100,000 SNAC tokens each.
  14. SNAC Bug Bounty: Found a bug while using SNAC App? Submit your bug report to us and get 1000 reward as a first come first serve basis.
  15. Airdrops: SNAC often organizes various airdrops for its communities where people could earn up to 8,000 to 10,000 SNAC for simple tasks.
  16. Getting Likes: Do you know you get paid every time someone likes your content? For each like you get 10 SNAC Tokens.
  17. Liking Others’ Content: You get paid for not only getting likes but also for liking others content. You can get 10 SNAC/like for 10 times/day.
  18. Watching Video Ads: Every time you watch a video that has a video ad embedded into it, you get 1 SNAC.
  19. Recommended Post: Another great way to get more eyes to your content is to post quality content so that your post gets more eyeballs and as per the SNAC algorithm it gets a place at the recommended post tab.
  20. Keep SNACing: Well, the last but not least, the more active you are on SNAC, the more tokens you will earn.

Think about anything that relates to the number ‘20’ and share it on SNAC

Upload various kinds of posts that are related to the number ‘20’

For example: Me in my 20s, My 20th birthday, 20th anniversary, First love when I turned 20, 20 years old loved ones, 20 places that I want to go etc.

Everyone participating in the event will get a random coupon of
upto 1,000,000 SNAC

How To Participate?

  1. Post must include anything related to the number ‘20’
  2. Include #NewYearEvent in the hashtags and post description
  3. Write a brief description of the photo and upload on SNAC

Please note that, if you have any questions, reach us at our Telegram:

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