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Top 5 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Related Movies That You Must Watch in 2020

Bitcoin was the genie that came out of the lamp in 2008. However, within only the last 10 years, people have realized that blockchain is the next breakthrough innovation after the internet. Even though you might not know a lot about blockchain, the chances are that you hear this buzz word at least once or twice a day.

In the beginning, blockchain was simply considered a distributed ledger to store cryptocurrency’s transactions. However, nowadays it has found its disruptive uses in almost every walk of life — from banking to the health sector, and from governance to insurance. Even though Ethereum was the first blockchain to allow smart contract execution, the dream of blockchain mass adoption was still quite far away from becoming a reality; as ethereum was limited in terms of its ability to process transaction at a rate that allowed applications to scale. In was that time when Futurepia was developed by Sigmachain, to tackle the issues of Speed, Security, and Scalability.

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On the other hand, if you are just a beginner and want to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency in a fun way, how about learning it by watching some movies? Sounds fun, right?😎

When it’s cold outside, and you want something to watch, here are some great movies about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to help you get into the winter mood! 🍿🎬

1 — Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

This is one of the best documentaries about Bitcoin to date. This must-watch documentary was created by Torsten Hoffmann in 2014 and is 60 minutes long.

The documentary explains why and how Bitcoin can disrupt our traditional financial system. The directors and producers also interviewed many blockchain experts and influential people.

2 — Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine is the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary ever made. As it was funded through cryptocurrency, its development was quite unconventional and it proved that cryptocurrency has the power to affect everyday life; from not only small personal transactions but also in funding massive projects like movies.

Per IMDB, “this documentary explores the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralization.”. The best thing about Trust Machine is that it talks about the technology’s role in addressing important real-world problems, such as world hunger and income inequality.

3 — The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Even though Bitcoin has been around since 2009, its price has been quite volatile; experiencing massive gains and losses. Yet, there is no single cryptocurrency that has been able to beat its popularity as it is still trading at #1 on the CoinMarketCap. This film is about the popularity of Bitcoin, why, and how it got so popular among the masses. It also contains interviews of multiple companies and people that have played important roles in the expansion of Bitcoin.

4 — Life on Bitcoin

Have you ever imagined not having to pay in cash or credit cards? Have you every imagined a world in which everything can be paid for using crypto? If so, this movie is for you!
This documentary follows Austin and Becky, a couple who have decided to live their life using only Bitcoin — no bank accounts, no cash, and no other currency. It is more like a social experiment where this couple shares every single step of their 100-days long journey as they try to live and pay for everything in bitcoin.

5 — Banking on Bitcoin

This movie is like “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” but the cases covered here shed more light on the potential societal benefits of bitcoin. Moreover, a lot of successful cases, especially in the banking industry, are covered over a lengthier period of time allowing viewers to witness a more comprehensive view of bitcoin. Perhaps the movies most telling quote follows:

Early adopters make the roads that we all travel. The first guy through the door gets shot. But somebody’s gotta go through the door.”

Well, that was the list of our top 5 favorite movies about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Even though the crypto-market has seen many highs and lows, there is no harm in agreeing that the blockchain has literally changed our lives.

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