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Futurepia Design Team Updates — What’s Up in Q1 2019

It is often said that “A great design is the foundation of a great business.” Futurepia is proud to have a talented and dedicated Design and Planning Team aboard who have helped Futurepia create a brand identity that everyone admires. The team consists of 7 members having a broad range of expertise like Android, IOS apps’ UI & UX, Graphics and layout design, web design and development and so on. Here is an apothegmatic overview of what the team has achieved last year and what they are up to this year.

Futurepia Design Team Updates

What did they achieve in Q4 2018?

Just like other teams, Futurepia Design Team has also achieved their milestones in Q4 2018 well before time. Some of those breakthroughs are:

  1. Whitepaper design in multiple languages (Futurepia white paper is available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages)
  2. Futurepia Wallet Design for Android
  3. Graphics Design including brochures, banners, and pamphlets for the locals and international meetups. Check out this link to find out more details about Futurepia Meetups.
  4. Futurepia Telegram Stickers: Futurepia rolled out their cute and dancing stickers during Q4 2018. These stickers can be downloaded free of cost from Telegram.
    Futurepia Stickers: https://t.me/addstickers/Futurepia
Futurepia Telegram Stickers

What are the upto during Q1 2019?

2019 would be an exciting year for Futurepia community and investors as the team will soon be announcing some of the major updates. Rolling out these updates wouldn’t be possible with the hard work of the design team. We interviewed a few of the team members and asked them what are they working on for Q1 2019 and here is a list of a few projects that they are currently part of.

a) Futurepia Messenger

Futurepia Messenger

Futurepia Messenger is a one-stop shop covering all the needs of any crypto-enthusiasts. It is basically a social network merged with wallet and exchange. So you could say:

Futurepia Messenger = Social Network + Wallet + Exchange

It is going to be the first of its kind of a handy app that serves as all-in-one purpose. Using Futurepia messenger, coin holders can talk to their friends upto 3rd degree, exchange tokens with FPC and can also access the wallet. More details will be out in the upcoming articles.

b) Futurepia Wallet

Futurepia Wallet

Although the Futurepia Wallet’s web and Android version have been successfully released in the Q4 of last year, the updates and iOS versions will be released in the next few weeks. The team was part of UI and the front end of Futurepia Wallet that looks really fabulous.

c) Futurepia Website Upgrade

Futurepia Website Upgrade

Futurepia team has also some plans to redesign the homepage — update it with the latest information and add more colors to the beauty of it. While the main brand identity (logo, title and slogan) remains the same, website upgrade will be mostly updating different sections of the website. Moreover, a developer website will also be launched where coin holders will get to know about using testnet, mainnet and creating smart contracts.

Let us know what do you think about the team’s achievements so far. Don’t forget to leave your comment if you have any question to ask from them.

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