Futurepia Will Attend 2018 Blockchain Keyference in Busan, South Korea

Futurepia recently attended one of the world’s biggest conference i.e WorldCryptoCon. At WorldCryptoCon in Las Vegas, the team of Futurepia gave a keynote about the social media mainnet that they have built and the DDPoS algorithm that they have developed. Since the participation was a huge success, Futurepia is given the honor to speak at the “2018 Blockchain Keyference” in Busan, South Korea.

Keyference is being hosted by Blockchain Forum Korea and provides a platform for crypto-enthusiasts, blockchainners, developers and great blockchain projects to talk about the current technologies in action and future of these blockchain projects. The conference focuses more on the aspect of 4th Industrial revolution, Internet of Things and Green technologies.

Futurepia team will give a keynote and the COO, Youngseok Oh will delliver the speech on the topic “Commercialization of blockchain through mainnet”.

Event Schedule

Venue : 5D ~ 5E Hall, 3rd floor, BEXCO showroom no.2
Schedule : Saturday, November 10, 2018
Time : 10 am — 6 pm

You can find out more about the conference at: https://www.keyference.com/

If you happen to be in Busan for this weekend, don’t forget to swing by and say hello to our team members.

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