Futurepia’s Successful Participation at WorldCryptoCon 2018

WorldCryptoCon was the first of its kind of event in the blockchain world to provide an opportunity to developers, investors, crypto enthusiasts and blockchainners to witness the latest blockchain innovations and technologies. The event took place at the heart of Las Vegas in the world’s famous Aria Hotel and Resort from 31st Oct — 2nd Nov where more than 2000 people attended various events and sessions. WCC consisted of 100+ exhibitors, and over 75 influential speakers and drew the attention of people from all over the world.

Futurepia team not only attended the conference but were given the honor to deliver a keynote speech on “Blockchain mainnet for Social Media DApps”.

CIO Futurepia, Hyoung YongJoon started the keynote talking about problems of existing social media platforms, need of blockchain technology and problems of existing mainnets. He, later on, introduced the Futurepia mainnet — and why it is regarded as the best solution to existing problems.

Later on, a light was shed on the Futurepia’s in-house developed algorithm DDPOS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake). Futurepia takes the lead over its competitions because of 3 points — scalability, security, and speed. Not only that, people were so impressed to hear that Futurepia offers world’s first Windows-based BP and BO setup.

Another great part of the presentation was telling people about our mainnet speed which is 300,000 TPS as tested by KOLAS. Having 300,000 TPS is one of the key features of Futurepia that differentiates it from EOS and Ethereum Mainnets.

Also, people really appreciated that Futurepia team is developing SQL compatibility for easy database integration. As for now, there are very few mainnets that you can count on fingertips that provide this feature.

Patrizia, later on, talked about the ecosystem and token economy in more details. One of the most important factor of Futurepia’s ecosystem is “FUND”. Fund is the entity that will contribute towards funding a DApp that wants to use Futurepia’s mainnet.

Later on, she shed the light on our 3 different kind of proud partners:

  1. INFRA PARTNERS: Like AWS and Google Cloud that provide us with the BP BO setup.
  2. B2B PARTNERS: Using our mainnet independently like, Lamborghini Bike and Coweye (an on-offline connected casino platform in Irvine)
  3. DApp Developers: We have social media Dapps that will be in our Dapp Store, like CardioCoin (that rewards runners with cryptos for each mile they run in the Fitness Center gyms in the US).

Since Futurepia team consists of founders of Korea’s largest social media platform — Cyworld, that also made people believe why Futurepia is the “FUTURE” of social media mainnets.

Overall the keynote was a huge success as it was attended by many crypto enthusiasts. Futurepia also set up its booth at the conference where different investors, developers and marketers came to get more information.

After the success of WorldCryptoCon participation, Futurepia is looking for PARTNERS. Potential partners can be:

  • Block Producers, Block Observers and Coin Holders
  • DApp Developers
  • Private Mainnet Customers
  • Independent Mainnet Customers

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