SigmaChain Signed Blockchain Biz-Dev MoU with Mining Mouse

Feb 3 · 3 min read

Mining Mouse Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon Sung-min) and Sigma Chain Co., Ltd. (CEO Kwak Jin-young) recently signed a business agreement for the development of a Celebrity’s Photo Based SNS ‘MAMARAZZI’ — a joint project to be built on the blockchain technology.

Through this MoU, both the companies agreed to share the development and operation of the Mamarazzi service to grow into a global service that dreams of becoming the second Instagram. Apart from taking a lead in the social media sector in South Korea, the CEOs also agreed to join forces in future projects such as blockchain games. Through this agreement, the beta service will be opened at the end of March.

Mamarazzi is a service that posts star photos taken directly on its platform with user-oriented social network service and shares them with fans or users of interest. Users who post related photos through the Futurepia network, the main network of SigmaChain, will be rewarded with the crypto-tokens that can, later on, be exchanged with other DApp tokens or the PIA coin.

The copyrights of users who have taken and uploaded their own photos are stored in the block, so the rights and responsibilities are reserved and protected using the breakthrough technology of Futurepia blockchain. Hence, this social network is expected to become a true blockchain SNS that rewards SNS activities such as purchases, shares, and comments. It will expand the O2O service area by introducing major places such as restaurants to find and buy back distribution tokens through certain profits from global advertising sales to stabilize the token prices.

Mining Mouse Co., Ltd. is a blockchain-based SNS platform company created by experts in the blockchain and web service fields. In particular, CEO Yoon Seong-min has worked as the planning, marketing and operations head of Netmarble Company. Until last year, he was a global service operation expert who served as the head of IGS (Game Services, Operation) Europe, a subsidiary of Netmarble. Starting with the first project, ‘Mamarazzi(Celebrity’s Photo Based SNS)’, both the companies also plan to launch a blockchain-based game project this year.

Sigma Chain Co., Ltd. is a blockchain technology company that has developed the DDPoS algorithm for its blockchain mainnet. Owing to the DDPoS algorithm, the Futurepia mainnet has obtained 300,000 TPS and has received the official certification from KOLAS. In particular, it has also launched SNAC — a blockchain-based reward sharing social media that rewards both the content creators and content curators in crypto-tokens.

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