A Complete Guide On How To Earn SNAC Token Through Events

May 23 · 4 min read

SNAC is one of the latest emerging blockchain based social media with the aim to revolutionize the way content creators and consumers earn money online. Giving power back to people and compensating them in crypto tokens, SNAC rewards all of its users for actively being part of the ecosystem. Having a beautiful UI/UX, Diversity of content, Android iOS & Desktop Versions, and huge reward system, SNAC is being called as the Steemit Killer.

Apart from earning money by liking a post, there are various other ways some that you can get SNAC tokens. But before diving into the ways, remember an important thing:

SNAC is a stable token worth 1 SNAC = 1KRW ( ~ $1)

Since SNAC is known to be the Best Steemit Alternative, unlike Steemit, these ways are called EVENTS, which are sort of challenges during a particular period of time.

Here are some of the challenges you can earn SNAC tokens easily:

1. Sign Up Reward

Everyone who joins SNAC will get sign up reward of 2000 SNACs. Moreover, if you select 3 hashtags of your choice, you will get 500 SNAC as a bonus.

2. Group Reward

Once you have downloaded the app, sign up, create groups, add Members to Groups and earn 1000 SNAC for each member added (~$1 per member)🤑 (1SNAC = 1KRW)

* If 100 people join — 100,000 SNAC (worth ~$100)* * If 1,000 people join — 1,000,000 SNAC (worth ~$1000)* * If 5,000 people join — 5,000,000 SNAC (worth ~$5000)* * If 10,000 people join — Rewards + live streaming + store*

3. SNAC Bug Bounty Program

There are a few bugs hidden in the SNAC world :) Find those bugs and help us make it more stable and secure.

To know more, click here.

※ Event Reward: 10,000 People (first come, first serve basis)

4. SNAC Cool Idea Challenge

Do you have any cool idea to make SNAC more fabulous?

Share your ideas with us and enter to win cool prizes.

To know more, click here:

※ Event Reward: 100,000 SNAC for Top 10 ideas

5. Popular Post Challenge (Betting)

For the first time ever, SNAC brings betting on the content to reality. Every week, users are allowed to vote for their top 3 posts (out of top 10 posts) during a two day period. During this period, people can also bet on their favorite content.

a) Betting Rewards for Content Creators

1st place content creator= 10% of the total amount raised through betting

2nd place content creator = 5% of the total amount, while

3rd place = 3% of the total amount

b) Betting Rewards for Bettors

1st place bettor = 70% of the remaining 82% amount

2nd place bettor = 20%of the remaining 82% amount

3rd place bettor = 10% of the remaining 82% amount

To know more about betting in details, read this article.

6. Top 10 Groups Challenge

During the event period, apart from the Group Reward, there is also a reward for the top 10 Group Creators. This reward will solely go to the group owner.

The same member with 2 groups in the list of ‘Top 10 Groups’ will get the reward only for 1 time.

7. Best Feed Master Reward

Every week top 10 posts are selected as the Best Feed Candidates and among those, 3 posts will be selected as WINNERS based on the number of votes.

If during the event period, your posts are selected among the BEST Feed Candidate for 3 times, you will be given Best Feed Master Reward which is 100,000 SNAC.

Apart from that, there will be various other events to help you earn more SNAC tokens, so stay tuned.

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A distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology.


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A distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology.



A distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology.