A User’s Guide on Why SNAC Master Key Is Important and How to Store it

(Please Note: If you reset your password using Master Key, after re-login, your Master Key would be changed too. A new Master Key will be issued and old one will get invalid. Please save this new one once again to a safer place)

Hi Friends! Hope you are enjoying the beta version of SNAC. Ain’t that cool?

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Today, we are going to talk about one of the VERY IMPORTANT features (you know its important when we have written it in the uppercase letters). Today we are going to talk about

  • What is a Master Key and its purpose
  • Where to find my SNAC/Futurepia Master Key
  • How to Keep it secure and safe

What is a Master Key?

In the real world, if you have a Master Key of a house, you can open any door of that house. In the cryptocurrency world, Master Key is pretty much the same. If someone gets access to your Master Key, it can change your password, steal your tokens and coins and get access to your personal information.

That’s why keeping a Master Key in a safe and secure way is very important.

Where to find my SNAC/Futurepia Master Key

Since Futurepia and SNAC accounts are linked (meaning that your ID and Password are the same on both the websites), you can check your Master Key in 2 ways.

a) Through SNAC

To see your Master Key through SNAC, click:
My Profile Icon → Account Information → View Master Key (visible after entering password)

b) Through Futurepia Website

To access Master Key through Futurepia website, login with your SNAC id, then Wallet → My Wallet → Master

Purpose of SNAC Master Key

SNAC Master Key is very important while using the service. Since SNAC is a blockchain service, in case you lose your password, you can only reset it through Master Key.

And in case you lose your Master Key, there is no way to retrieve your account. You will lose all the data including the tokens/coins earned.

Remember, if Master Key is lost, there is no way to retrieve it. You will lose access to your account forever.

4 Ways to Keep Your Master Key

i) Backup your Master Key as soon as you have it
ii) Save it in a zip/rar file and copy in atleast 2,3 USBs
iii) Save it onine using Google Drive, Dropbox etc
iv) Print it on a paper and save it offline

So in nutshell, all you have to do to make sure your SNAC account is safe is, View Your Master Key, Save in Online, Save It on Harddrive, Save in Offline by Writing Somewhere.

And make sure, not to share your key with anyone.

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