Introducing — SNAC 2.0 — Major User Experience Design Changes

Jan 21 · 5 min read

Dear Futurepia Fans and SNAC Members,

We are very excited to announce the release of the new and improved SNAC!

Over the last few months, we have been working tirelessly to improve SNAC and we believe that the improvements will help you enjoy your experience with us even more. Even though SNAC was trending at #2 on Google Play not too long ago, after hearing your suggestions and ideas we hope to take it a step further!

So what is this new update all about?

Since we have entered a brand new year and decade, we thought to give you an update that matched the times. The application's UI/UX has been completely changed and we bet, you’ll love it!

Here is a brief introduction to the main features have been changed. Detailed information will be provided in separate articles:

1 —Guide Pop-ups

Now when you login to SNAC for the first time, you will see different guide pop-ups walk you through the various features of the application.

Below are the first 2 pop-ups that you’ll see.


The new update shows a TOP MENU BAR on your MAIN FEED. Here you can easily navigate to select what sort of posts you would like to see.

My Posts > Here you can upload your daily stories.

Following > Here you can see the posts of your friends.

Recommended > These are the posts that would suit your interests.

Best > Here you can see the “BEST Posts” from previous rounds.

Popular > Here you’d see the posts that are currently HOT.

b) POSTS Pop-Up

On your main feed, if a user has uploaded multiple posts, you’d see them packed into one post. To see all the images, you can swipe left-right. Click the ‘View More’ button to see the additional details.


After updating the SNAC App, you will see a pop-up for the first time you try to create a post. Here are the few things that have been changed:

a) You can swipe left/right to check what pictures you have selected before posting.

b) You can zoom-in or zoom-out to scale the picture as per your preference.

3) You can even insert the location for your post.

4) SNAC lets you select pictures from various albums on your phone! Making it easier and quickly to upload the exact picture you want!


The biggest change that you’ll see in the latest SNAC update is how “MINING POSTS” are uploaded and searched.

As you know, “Mining Posts” allow users to add the real time location along with additional details while visiting a cafe, restaurant, tourist attraction and other potentially popular locations!

a) Checking Mining Posts & Writing Mining Comment

In order to see the mining posts, click the LOCATION icon in the BOTTOM MENU BAR. You will see 3 kinds of mining feeds.

a) ALL > Here you can see all the active mining posts i.e. people can visit those places, write mining comments and get rewards.

b) Participated > Here you can see all the mining posts where you have already left the mining comment and got the random coupon as a reward.

c) Random coupons > Here you can see all the random coupons received through writing a mining post or by leaving a mining comment.

b) Filtering Mining Posts

One of our personal favorite features is filtering out mining posts.

We love our users and want them to earn as many SNAC tokens as possible.

By using the filter options, you can see the mining locations near-by. You can even filter out posts according to categories.

View Map >>> Clicking this icon will show the map view including the mining posts near-by.

View Posts >>> This will hide the map but will only show the mining posts.

c) Writing Mining Post

Here are a few changes to “mining posts” that were made in the latest SNAC update.

  • Manually typing in the location name.
  • Selecting the location category.
  • Inputting a description of the post.
  • Adding the business hours for other users.
  • Adding the phone number, if applicable.

4) Main FEED

Apart from a different HEADER BAR and FOOTER BAR, the MAIN FEED has also gone through some new design changes.

a) Gesture Bar >>> Swiping up, the gesture bar will show the ongoing events.

b) Popular Fork Questions >>> Popular Fork questions will also be shown randomly as you swipe up while looking at your main feed.

c) Games or other Ads will also be displayed on the main feed to keep the users engaged with the app.

The new features will hopefully make it easier for all of us to enjoy SNAC. As the community grows, so will the dream of decentralization! The detailed articles about the main feed and mining feed will be uploaded very soon too.

Thanks a lot for using SNAC and helping us make it grow bigger and better.

You can download our app directly from the App Store and/or Google Play.

Google Play:
iOS App Store:



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A distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology.


Futurepia is a blockchain mainnet powered by the cryptocurrency PIA

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