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SNAC Renewal Guide — What’s New About Mining Feed

What is a Mining Feed?

“Mining Feed” is a special feature that lets SNAC users upload photos or videos after checking in at various places and earn SNAC tokens 🎊💰

a) Checking Mining Posts & Writing Mining Comment

In order to see the mining posts, click the LOCATION icon in the BOTTOM MENU BAR. You will see 3 kinds of mining feeds.

a) ALL > Here you can see all the active mining posts i.e. people can visit those places, write mining comments and get rewards.

b) Participated > Here you can see all the mining posts where you have already left the mining comment and got the random coupon as a reward.

c) Random coupons > Here you can see all the random coupons received through writing a mining post or by leaving a mining comment.

b) Filtering Mining Posts

One of our personal favorite features is filtering out mining posts.

We love our users and want them to earn as many SNAC tokens as possible.

By using the filter options, you can see the mining locations near-by. You can even filter out posts according to categories.

View Map >>> Clicking this icon will show the map view including the mining posts near-by.

View Posts >>> This will hide the map but will only show the mining posts.

c) Map View (All, Hotspot, Duration)

By clicking on the Map-View icon, you can see the map and your current location. Not only that it will also show you the mining locations near by. This feature has been embedded to help SNAC users do mining more often and earn more SNAC tokens.

Another cool feature is the filter button.

Using the filter button, you can see three kind of mining posts on the map.

  1. All: Shows all the available mining locations on the map
  2. Hotspot: Only mining posts with more than 50 check-ins within 24-hours of the cycle are shown.
  3. Duration: Shows the mining posts that have just 10 days left to get expired. Usually, a mining post can be mined for the 90 days.

d) Writing Mining Post

Here are a few changes to “mining posts” that were made in the latest SNAC update.

  • Manually typing in the location name.
  • Selecting the location category.
  • Inputting a description of the post.
  • Adding the business hours for other users.
  • Adding the phone number, if applicable.

In the last few months, we have been working tirelessly to improve SNAC and we believe that the improvements will help you enjoy your experience with us even more.

Do let us know if you have any other exciting idea to make SNAC even cooler? Remember you can get rewards for finding a bug too :)

If you have any questions, reach us at our Telegram:


Important Links

🌀 Sigma Chain Website: http://sigmachain.net/
🌀 Futurepia Website: https://futurepia.io/
🌀 SNAC Website: http://snacpia.com
🌀 Google Play: http://bit.ly/30BwvsN
🌀 iOS App Store: https://apple.co/2HoJ6rW
🌀 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Futurepia.official/
🌀 Twitter: https://twitter.com/futurepia_
🌀 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/get_snac
🌀 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sigmachain/
🌀 Telegram: https://t.me/futurepia_blockchain
🌀 SNAC Community: https://bit.ly/35EaBqY
🌀 Naver Blog: https://blog.naver.com/futurepia_official
🌀 Medium Blog: https://medium.com/futurepia




Futurepia.io is a blockchain mainnet powered by the cryptocurrency PIA

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