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FuturePolitics: What we do

We aim to inspire you to engage with current issues that affect your daily life

Welcome to FuturePolitics, a forum that aims to help the public engage with the most important current issues within the UK. We publish:

  • Big issues in 4 minutes,
  • In-depth, a series of educational articles exploring critical issues that affect our daily lives, often without us knowing
  • Weekly roundups of the most significant recent UK/global sociopolitical developments, environmental issues & other topics that affect your life
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The aim of FuturePolitics is to:

  • Educate the public on critical political issues within the UK
  • Discuss the achievements we have made & the challenges we still face
  • Seek inspiration from other progressive societies for new solutions
  • And most importantly: Challenge you, the reader, to engage with these issues and take positive action towards resolving them

Some of the key topics that motivate us include:

  • Electoral & more widespread political reform
  • Access to utilities, healthcare & welfare
  • Corruption within media, big business & politics
  • Environmental research, technology & policy
  • Equality, wealth disparity & social policy
  • The impact of politics on science & academia

FuturePolitics was founded on 1st May 2017 — a celebration of spring and of hard-won workers’ rights — at a critical time in politics, following the announcement of a snap general election on 8th June. This occasion and the subsequent Brexit negotiations will act as a crossroad, at which we can either choose to group together to force politicians to commit themselves to key policies that will benefit society, or blindly follow divisive rhetoric that will harm the UK for many years to come.

FuturePolitics is run on a voluntary basis, is not affiliated with any political organisation and does not profit from its articles.

We invite you to engage in debate with us and to get in touch! If you find our articles interesting, we welcome you to follow us on Facebook and share our articles, in order to help us reach a larger audience.

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