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Register to vote — now!

It only takes 2 minutes — I went through the process a second time and timed it, just to be able to tell you how quick and easy it is. There really is no excuse. Just click here for England, Scotland & Wales or here for Northern Ireland. All you need is your National Insurance number.

Credit: Your Vote Matters, run by The Electoral Commission.

Planning not to vote?

You can still register, just in case you change your mind. Don’t believe in participating in a corrupt political system? It’s understandable. We’ll be covering that soon in a separate article. But for now, there’s no harm in guaranteeing yourself the right to participate in democracy.

Not sure if you’re eligible?

You can check here. Basically, you can vote if:

  • You’re British, Irish or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen aged 18+,
  • And you’re resident in the UK OR a resident overseas that has been registered to vote within the UK during the last 15 years or less,
  • And you’re not a peer of the House of Lords and have not been legally excluded from voting, such as through committing a crime (in some cases such as Jeffrey Archer, both of these examples may apply to you).
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That’s it.

The article took less than two minutes to read, and registering will take you another two minutes.

Another Big issue in 4 minutes done and dusted.

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