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Announcing our first $1M Grant Pool for Innovative Climate Projects

Here’s how to apply.

  • Deadline for submissions: ̶N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶3̶0̶t̶h̶ December 7th
    (please follow our Twitter for updates).
  • Minimum grant value: $25k
  • Application is one quick form with instructions included
  • To apply you need to hold a Future Quest NFT (more below)

Future Quest

This summer we started building Future Quest, an ecosystem that makes it easy, enjoyable, and rewarding for people to take action on climate change.

Some outtakes from just the latest gatherings at WebSummit and COP27.

Climate Opportunity

Maintaining the current course is a difficult choice for humanity. With projected 1.2 billion refugees, 33% of all species extinct, ravaging heat waves, hurricanes and war, our nearterm future is not a welcoming place. We stand at the doorstep of this reality, and we are not advancing fast enough in solving the problem.

Enter: ReFi

Simultaneously, a new ecosystem of web3 climate tech organizations is rising — known collectively as “ReFi” or Regeneration Finance. ReFi represents an economic evolution in both mindset and technology that can enable the rapid scaling of much-needed climate action.

Threat: Winter Is Here

The current macroeconomic situation threatens many young, highly innovative, promising projects. We are now facing a global financial recession, chaos in financial markets, and a “crypto winter,” which altogether means it is harder than ever to raise for web3 tech solutions to climate change.

Helping Through The Winter

If these projects fail, we could be missing out on an entire wave of innovation needed to accelerate the progress toward a regenerative future.

Announcing: $1M Future Quest Grant Pool!

Now that you’re well acquainted with our why and the supporting data, let’s get to the essence of it.

How To Apply

Do you have a groundbreaking idea that we should hear about? Excellent, we can’t wait to learn about your project. See the details below.

  • November: Proposal submissions, council formation, system setup
  • December: Proposal analysis and refinement, council votes
  • December-January: Grant funds distribution
  • January — March: Bounties activation and acceleration
  1. That we understand your needs. Make sure to outline resources you need, from financial to human to smaller tasks (AKA gigs).
  2. That you have a clearly selected and committed leader and team with time availability to advance the Quest.
  3. That we understand how the resources will be used.
  4. That you embed yourself in our online — and ideally IRL! — community to reach support from hundreds of other Regen Heroes.
  1. Place-based regenerative economies
  2. Climate communications and education
  3. Infrastructure innovation
  4. Other



Future Quest is an ecosystem that makes it easy, enjoyable and rewarding for people to take action on climate change. Part game, part accelerator for public good quests for the planet.

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