Technology, chatbots, innovation — the future of education?

Alexander Pinker
May 22 · 3 min read

After a long back and forth it is now here, the German “DigitalPakt Schule”. Five billion euros are to flow into the digitisation of Germany’s schools. This digital conversion brings a lot along with it and is an essential cornerstone for the future of the education sector. But what will the school of the future look like? In addition to rethinking the way in which teaching is structured didactically and what role the teacher will play in the future, technologies are an essential component of the future of education. Let us take a journey into the world of tomorrow and see what a digital classroom can be like.

Future of education with digital devices

The books will always have a certain value in our lives. They have their own haptics, their own smell and a special value for most of us. But there are moments when they are no longer necessarily needed in their current form. The school needs new, digital technology in order to be able to adjust itself optimally and up-to-date to the students. Instead of carrying books in heavy backpacks, tablets offer a better solution. Especially in the future, virtual displays and holograms will make school life more vivid and tangible.

Future Technology — World in 2050 (Source: Sarah Jennifer)

Lessons hands-on — Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality make it possible

Although one can learn a lot about the basics from the sketches in the textbooks or from the sometimes dusty educational films, nevertheless humans are optical beings. We learn and remember things better when we have experienced them up close. You probably know this by yourself, a visit to a zoo or museum leaves a lasting impression, whether you would have saved the same facts about a book or a documentary film for such a long time remains to be doubted.

VR in Education (Source: AMD)

With immersive media, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, aspects become more tangible. Students can interact with them and get an idea of the facts at their own pace. It’s like an exploration tour — just without leaving the school.

A private tutor in the future of education

Teachers will not be replaced. This fear can be taken away when it comes to the future of education. The teaching staff has an elementary fatkor in education. Teachers are role models and mentors for the young students and also have the task of passing on knowledge in the world of tomorrow.

Energy Education in Schools (Source: Vector Limited)

But the education of tomorrow still depends on a high degree of individuality in order to respond optimally to the future requirements of the students. For this reason, there are chatbots who convey the material and support the teacher as a kind of tutor. In the future, these will enable even more intelligent and adaptable and therefore tailor-made lessons.

These are just a few examples of how the future of education will unfold. However, it is clear that in the digital school we will experience a mixture of the world as we know it today and a technological enhancement. However, the school in the world of tomorrow will be a mixture of human interaction, new pedagogical concepts and opportunities. In addition to dealing with new technologies, critical thinking must also be encouraged. Teachers will increasingly take on the role of mentors instead of mere knowledge providers and have to respond to the students in order to prepare them for the future from both personal and technical skills. Students, parents and teachers must embrace this future so that students can make the most of their time at school.

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A collaborative network of Futurists and Forward Thinkers ready to tackle future challenges together with you.

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