FutureScope⏐The Daily Digest Of Future News — 14th July 2017

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Future Feed:

  1. In June Hawaii Passed The 1st Piece Of Legislation To Study Universal Basic Income
  2. Panoptic Studio Created By Carnegie Mellon Tracks Multiple Bodies In Real Time
  3. U.S. Economy Added 220,000 Jobs In June, Unemployment Rate was 4.4%
  4. Europe’s Venture Capital Firms Raised $7.3B In 2016 Up From $6.27B In 2015
  5. Scientists Are Pursing Thermoelectric & Triboelectric Batteries Powered By The Body
  6. PeeSafe & Pee-Buddy Products Aim To Solve Sanitation Crisis In India For Women

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Original By: John Biggs Curated From: https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/07/cmu-researchers-create-a-huge-dome-that-can-read-body-language/ Image Credit: Carnegie Mellon

Original By: KRISHNADEV CALAMUR Curated From: https://www.theatlantic.com/news/archive/2017/07/economy-added-222000-jobs-unemployment-rate-is-at-44-percent/532911/ Image Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Original By: Suneera Tandon & Maria Thomas Curated From: https://qz.com/1022494/peesafe-pee-buddy-startups-are-out-to-save-indian-women-from-the-horrors-of-public-toilets/ Image Credit: PeeSafe

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