Turning Moonshots Into Earthshots

An introduction to Futureshot Factory.

Adara Hagman
Jun 6 · 5 min read

It’s 2020. We have yet to solve climate change, poverty, and many other global problems. Something needs to change.

Myself (Adara Hagman) and my co-founder Riya Mehta both care greatly about social justice issues happening around the globe.

In December 2019, we sat in a room for several hours and tried to break down some of the world’s biggest problems on a whiteboard.

We both wanted to do something more. We wanted to see more action towards solving some of the world’s greatest challenges, specifically the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Futureshot Factory was soon born a project to help address moonshots like the UN’s SDGs.

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On a mission to create a better future for all.

“We’re on a mission to turn moonshots into earthshots.”

At Futureshot Factory, we’re on a mission to turn moonshot goals into earthshots. What this means is we want to set help to execute on some of the world’s moonshots and following that create our moonshots for a better future.

What is a moonshot goal?

A moonshot goal is a huge goal that isn’t currently possible to execute on. It will take 10+ years to accomplish.

An example of a moonshot goal was going to the moon. 🚀

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Credit: The Atlantic

In 1969, humans walked on the moon for the first time.

Prior to this Former President of The United States of America, John F. Kennedy said the famous words:

“We choose to go to the moon.” — John F. Kennedy

During the speech, he said that he set a moonshot goal for America and the world.

Why set moonshot goals?

Moonshot goals help push humanity forwards.

The ambition of the most ambitious person is the limit for innovation.

Setting moonshot goals and working towards accomplishing them will help humanity move forwards into a better future.

Even if you don’t reach a moonshot goal, you oftentimes land much higher (end up doing much more) than you would’ve if you didn’t.

If we want to solve the world’s biggest challenges, like the SDGs which in themselves are moonshots goals we need to set a collective moonshot goal to take more active efforts towards addressing them now.

This is exactly what we want to do a Futureshot Factory.

We want to set a moonshot for the world to take more efforts towards addressing the world’s greatest challenges, starting with increased collective action towards reaching the UN’s SDGs a.k.a. the global goals.

This moonshot is our futureshot for humanity. A goal that hopefully will help us move into a better future.

A brief breakdown of the global goals. 🌎

The global goals or sustainable development goals are seventeen goals set by the United Nations to be a blueprint for a better future. The goals have 169 targets.

The United Nations set a goal to achieve these goals and their associated targets by 2030. It’s 2020 and we still have a long way to go, which is why we created Futureshot.

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Credit: United Nations

The Futureshot approach — collaboration, action plans, and more.

Our current focus at Futureshot is to work on helping to create actionable plans and collaborate towards action on the SDGs. All of our work for the next ten years or so will be in support of the United Nations global goals.

The following is the key parts of our approach to creating action on the goals:

🤝🏼Collaborating with organizations and youth to create projects & steps that help make action towards the SDGs. — At Futureshot, we currently have several organization partnerships focusing on a goal that aligns with the organization. Relating to youth, as Futureshot Factory was founded by youth we highly value the input and help of youth to make this moonshot a reality. Collaboration is key in our approach towards helping achieve the SDGs. We value diverse perspectives and welcome all to the table in collaborating with us on our projects.

📚Educating people on the SDGs through SDG related curriculum.

🚀Empowering the next generation of leaders through our work and sharing our journey/lessons while working on this project. — One message that we really want to emphasize to young people is that you can help create change no matter your age.

💻Using technologies as tools to help address SDGs.

⬇Using first-principles thinking to breakdown SDGs.

🌍Creating action plans to execute on all project ideas and on progress towards the SDGs. — This starts with setting project moonshots and then reverse engineering our larger action items from the moonshot. We then create S.M.A.R.T. goals, timelines, and utilize other action planning techniques.

💡Design-thinking. Utilizing design-thinking techniques to make our projects and goals come to life.

Our pillars of work.

We have three-pillars of the work we do at Futureshot. These are closely related to our approach to addressing the SDGs.

  1. Build. We collaborate with our partner organizations and youth on projects to create action towards the SDGs.
  2. Consult. We offer paid consulting to organizations on SDG related education and action plans.
  3. Inspire. — The next generation of leaders and collaboration towards the SDGs. Empowering others to use moonshot-thinking.

Keeping our values at the core of our work.

At Futureshot, we want to make sure we keep our values at the core of our work. The following graphic shows our nine core values.

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Credit: Futureshot Factory

To join Futureshot on our mission to create a better future, sign up for our newsletter. If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions/comments, please email 📧futureshotfactory@gmail.com

💻Our Website

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Futureshot Factory

Working on a moonshot to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

Adara Hagman

Written by

17 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

Futureshot Factory

At Futureshot Factory, we’re working on turning moonshots into earthshots. Our current focus is addressing the United Nations (UNs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Adara Hagman

Written by

17 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

Futureshot Factory

At Futureshot Factory, we’re working on turning moonshots into earthshots. Our current focus is addressing the United Nations (UNs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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