Apple Event, March 25th, 2019

Apple Event Highlights and Key Announcements

The Apple Event runs today March 25th, 2019 starting at 13:00 EST. Follow it here. This article is a work in progress.

Apple is expected to pivot to a walled garden software services like platform with array of new entertainment products from original video to news.

“We’ve also been growing our collection of world class services, and that is what today is all about,” says Cook.

Apple is Bringing Magazines to Apple News

  • Apple News+ is taking news to a whole new level and taking on journalism.
There are over 5 billion articles read each month on Apple News. It’s now the number one news app, Cook says.

Apple News+ Launch

Apple News+ is like a container where partnerships with 300 magazines has something for everyone. Apple News+ subscription has incredible design, magazine covers and a brilliant interface.

Diving into an issue has a design-first format and smart infographics optimized for mobile. The News+ Tab is sleek and easy to navigate with essence design that promotes the originality and ease of reading of each magazine.

  • Travel stories
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • News (e.g. The Wall Street Journal)
  • Technology

Apple News+ downloads groups of articles and use on-device intelligence to recommend articles. Apple says it doesn’t allow advertisers to track us. Apple’s emphasis on privacy here really is appealing.

Apple News+ is only $9.99 per month. (First month is free, launching in U.S. and Canada today)

There’s also a family sharing feature at no extra charge. The Toronto Star is also featured for Canadians. It’s coming to the UK, Australia and Europe soon. Apple News+ is a Premium News subscription that sounds super exciting.

Apple Pay

Apple pay is the simplest, most secure and most private way to pay. Apple Pay is on target to surpass 10 billion transactions in 2019. Apple Pay will be available in more than 40 countries by 2020.

Apple Pay is coming to transit via Portland, Chicago and New York City. Apple Pay is very convenient, secure and private and is scaling into new ways including the credit card.

Apple Card

Apple Card is a new kind of credit card for iPhone users that sets a new level for privacy and security. It can do all sorts of things that no other credit card can do. Sign up on your iPhone and in just minutes you can start using your Apple Card right away.

You can use it worldwide anywhere Apple Pay is available with an improved wallet app. Apple also has maybe the easiest access to help of any credit cards in the world.

Apple Card uses machine learning to names and locations that users can recognize. Apple Card color codes our spending analytics so we can understand our spending better than ever.

Apple Card has incredible rewards and cash-back called Daily Cash.

Anytime you pay using Apple Card you get daily cash, not a month from now, but each and every day.

It’s real cash, so you can do anything with it. You get 2% daily cash, 3% from Apple stores. There’s no limit to daily cash. How great is that?

Apple Card can also help you calculate interest rates so you can make more informed payment decisions.

  • Apple Card has no late fees, no international fees, no fees at all!
  • Apple Card has an industry low interest rate, to make it easier for you to pay down your balance.
  • Apple Card is linked to Goldman Sachs and also works with MasterCard.

Apple Card has top-notch security in both software and hardware layers. Every purchase is authenticated with either touch or face ID. Apple Card has its own unique architecture where Apple doesn’t know about your personal data, with on-device intelligence instead of Apple Servers. With Apple Card, Goldman Sachs will never sell your data to third parties.

Apple is taking on the credit card experience with its Apple Card with a massive upgrade.

“Hardware, software and services. This is something Apple does better than anyone else.”

Apple App Store

iOS is the largest gaming platform in the world. Apple wants to make gaming even better.

Apple Arcade Launch

A new Gaming subscription service.

Games that redefine games.

The next gen of mobile gaming on Apple.

  • Apple Arcade could change mobile gaming as we know it.
  • Apple’s new platform will bring a whole new audience to gaming including iPad owners and so forth.
  • It’s a miracle for a select few game developers who will get first dibs on Apple Arcade.

Mobile gaming is about to get a new immersive storytelling layer. Apple Arcade is a single subscription, with over 100+ new and exclusive games. Apple Arcade will have a new dedicated tab on the App Store, where new games will be added all the time.

Apple Arcade will offer personalized recommendations and be playable by the entire family at no extra charge. So who is ready to see more of these incredible games?

  • Apple Arcade will be coming in the Fall of 2019.

Apple TV

The Apple TV app is evolving with an all-new Apple TV app.

Apple TV app is bundling in new ways.

Only pay for what you want, all in one-app.

Watch everything on-demand and ad-free.

Download your shows to watch anywhere.

Apple TV channels on-demand feels like a good package as it adds more content partners.

The interface is smarter than ever. Better integrated with Siri and with editors that help you just watch the good stuff. The New Apple TV app is personalized for you with machine learning of course.

  • No more bouncing from app to app
  • Integrated seamlessly with a better interface than ever
  • Apple TV app is great for movies and sports fans.
  • Up Next to Watch Later feature

The Apple TV app also has inbuilt trailers.

  • Showtime
  • HBO
  • Best place to watch TV and Movies on all of our devices
  • The Apple TV app is coming to the Mac in the Fall of 2019
  • It’s also coming to Smart TVs (Samsung first, then others).

The Apple TV app is even coming to Roku and Amazon. The new Apple TV app will be available in over 100+ countries. Here again Apple’s commitment not to share our personal info with anyone is really comforting.

Apple TV+ Launch

Great stories begin and end with incredible artists.

Apple wants to inspire new original streaming content, that upgrades the art of storytelling itself.

Stories give a sense of order, purpose to the world and allows us to live other lives to the life that we are living.

Apple see’s the next era of video storytelling like an orchestra of collaborative storytelling that moves and touches people in a way that it seems inevitable. Sharing stories makes us feel, less alone. A story should be immersive and allow us to hopefully forget ourselves for a moment.

Apple is that place where technology and the imagination join forces. Our capacity for amazement is our human birthright. They want to transport audiences in new ways with the most original stories.

  • Featuring new shows like the Morning Show. (with notable celebrities)
  • Exploring the dynamics between women and men in the workplace.
  • Deep dive into this particular show.
  • The Morning Show looks pretty interesting in an age of #MeToo

Apple TV+ plus rolled out sneak peaks to many of the stories of its new original streaming content service at the Apple Event, March 25th, 2019.

Summary of Apple Show Announcements

  • It announced a new $9.99 tier of the Apple News app called Apple News+ that includes magazine content.
  • Apple News+ that includes magazine content for $9.99 per month in the United States and $12.99 per month in Canada
  • Apple also said it would release its own credit card, called Apple Card.
  • Apple announced a new bundle of video games, called Apple Arcade.
  • The iPhone giant also launched a streaming video service, called Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ wants to be the highest quality originals that challenge and thrill, define and inspire us and transform our mood making us believe anything is possible. From documentaries to drama, kids to comedies, this is Apple TV+.

Not just another TV streaming service. Works seamlessly with the Apple TV app. Apple TV+ is the best in entertainment with exclusive content all starting Fall of 2019.

Noah Berger | AFP | Getty Images

Apple wants the customer to be the center of all they do.

  • Apple News+
  • Apple Card
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple TV+

Incredible new pillars launching in 2019 that significantly augments Apple’s privacy focused and affordable ecosystem.

What stands out to you?