Black Mirror trends of 2018
Michael K. Spencer

Dystopian analysis thoughts for your sharp case studies and trends, Michael:

  1. ICO fraud represents an irony in the general mission of transparency, immutability, and the elusive concept of technologically-enabled “trust”. As the dust settles and many investments evaporate into the ether, the noble and true applications will face an even higher bar and added burden to prove their real value.
  2. Google and Amazon use their tech for evil. Application and intent are the ethical markers for tech judgement. A critical eye is placed on FAANG and the major players. Chinese big guns
  3. Corruption strikes early and hard in tech. Startup culture pushes hype and bubble-metrics over real revenue and impact to the global community. Zuckerburg and most tech CEOs of his ilk and environment are bred to perform and persist though the criticisms and doubts of their disruption and disregard. When you believe your role to be higher, the judgements of the “unenlightened” never reach over your castle walls. Seeming the emails behind the wall has caused a cascade of reckoning and learning. Now, to correct together via dialogue.