Instagram Stories — WhatsApp Stories — Facebook should be called “FaceSnap” in 2019

Facebook Ads in Stories to Become “Unskippable”

I’m hearing a lot of stories about the death of advertising. Facebook disrupted journalism and media to such an extent it’s now been a race behind paywalls to escape Facebook’s rather deterring influence on consumption patterns.

The Future of Mobile Ads is in Trouble

Between Facebook’s pivoting and copying, it’s hard to make sense of the consequences of such an obscene and Ad-centric platform. In other words, prepare for the invasion of unskippables in your Instagram stories. The last frontier of interruptive Ads on our shinking attention span — is meeting a 2-second window (to your heart?).

Selfie Feeds to 2-Second-Long Impressions of Video Stories

In mid-2019, stories easily will overtake feeds in how the future of advertising and mobile attention takes place. Facebook is trying to convince us this is somehow a good thing and a success story. Unfortunately for consumers who swipe faster than people choose on Tinder, through dozens if not hundreds of stories a day, an Ad there makes little sense.

IGTV and Instagram hacks are the poor man’s clickbait entry into a compressing attention economy where Instagram has numbers, but not much else.
Facebook estimates that across social media apps, sharing to Stories will surpass sharing through feeds some time in 2019. (TechCrunch)
  • Forcing users to not be able to skip such a Story is a bit like YouTube forcing us to put up with an Ad before a video.
  • This kind of interruptive-ad technique creates “empty engagement” where Facebook can peddle vanity metrics and pretend it has real value.

Stories copied from Snapchat are those short videos that were supposed to be immersive, eye-catching, full-screen content that seem to have caught on more as a way to share experiences, than a place where brands can stand out. As usual, Facebook’s desperate attempts for monetization are all Ad-centric, and for the user, it’s about as innovative as Silicon Valley gloss, in what is the most gamified time-waster you could make up.

If Facebook was once useful to maintain one’s actual social network, Instagram has become a party dangerously close to the precipice of irrelevance. It has an eerie quality of absurdity that makes the dystopia of Netflix original content seem like a cup of tea.

Global consumers, however, are using Stories like it’s the new digital dopamine kool-aid. Keep paying those Stanford product mangers the big bucks guys!

That’s it’s fun for us to share our day, is not the same as being useful to traffic or value for brands.

Facebook, of course, is primarily built on the lie that quantity matters instead of quality. In the long-term, it doesn’t matter how many users are captured in Facebook’s ecosystem of apps, if apps aren’t the future of the internet.

Facebook is all about the illusion of ROI here, a world where agencies still peddle KPIs that any marketer will tell you are vanity metrics. Facebook has a history of overstating its video metrics, and being basically dishonest. If vanity is at the heart of what Facebook has become, Facebook’s misinformation problem will only snowball.

As for Facebook’s ecosystem of stories, they are augmenting our humanity of snap judgement!

Is it a good idea for Facebook to implement unskippable Ads in Stories?