Facebook’s Monopoly Tyranny is no Longer a Zuckerberg Secret

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? I think they should make another film about Mark Zuckerberg with what we now know. Silicon Valley has been a big failure in ethics in 2018, Facebook and Google tops the list of black mirror controversies.

Facebook isn’t just no longer the best place to work, employees are buying burner phones to exchange their true opinions about it and its future.

Meanwhile a huge trove of Facebook emails that just leaked and it shows the true nature of the Zuckerberg legacy. The UK Parliament published a trove of top-secret Facebook executive emails on December 5th. tl;dr it’s exactly what you’d expect.

  • Mark Zuckerberg personally approved Facebook’s decision to cut off social network Vine’s data. (so much for a capitalism of fair competition)
  • Facebook tried to figure out how to grab users’ call data without asking permission. (likely spying on their real-time conversations)
  • Certain key apps were white-listed and given greater access to user data even after a broader clampdown. (Netflix and Airbnb among the favored friends)
  • Mark Zuckerberg privately admitted that what’s good for the world isn’t necessarily what’s good for Facebook. (Where’s the world tour Mark?)
  • Mark Zuckerberg suggested users’ data was worth 10 cents a year. (Heck, is that even worth selling?)

In the process of creating one of the most corrupt business models ever invented, Facebook chose profits over its users. In a weird twist of fate it’s the UK that seems to have stood up to Facebook, where American doesn’t even regulate its offending tech companies.

Don’t ask Zuck to show up to anything important though
  • Facebook’s board of directors have close to no power when it comes to removing CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his dual role as chairman. This amounts to a technocracy at the heart of American Tycoons that makes capitalism look like a joke.
  • British MP alleges company blocked competing apps from accessing users’ data. (Now we know this to be true by the leaked Emails)

Facebook considered charging companies for access to user data

The leaked Emails show Execs discussed the single biggest threat to Facebook. They ended up disrupting journalism, diverting internet traffic and turning into a weaponized platform used against the state, democracy and capitalism, slowing down rivals and thwarting innovation itself allowing Chinese companies like Tencent and ByteDance to overtake them. Thanks Zuck!

Now Zuckerberg pretends that Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are one big happy family of apps. Meanwhile Facebook’s stock continues to plummet on the NYSE.

On Glassdoor even the company’s employee satisfaction rating has steadily fallen over the course of the year, down from a 4.6 to 4.3. Public opinion (if you are under 50) has taken its course with the maligned company.

Facebook hasn’t moved fast in any other way than profits, a bad long-term value proposition based solely on exploiting users data and funneling advertising. Advertising that no longer works in 2019, where brands are moving to Amazon.

About 250 pages have been published, some of which are marked “highly confidential”. Facebook used deceptive tactics to hide the truth from their own users.

Facebook staff in 2012 discussed selling access to user data to major advertisers, basically selling your info without your consent. Facebook’s profit seeking greed led to the centralization of data where the richer get richer on the poor public’s data.

Absolute power does corrupt absolutely Mark Zuckerberg. In your creation you created a lesser internet, a corrupt business model and a platform that could be weaponized, that is a crime against human rights. There’s no turning back the clock, by allowing third-party apps to harvest user data you led the internet down the wrong path.

There is evidence that Facebook’s refusal to share data with some apps caused them to fail. Facebook picked the winners in a fake internet, even deceiving advertising that video (on its platform) was the next big thing. Facebook was later found to have falsified video metrics significantly to deceive advertisers and brands.

These are things no normal person would do. No responsible board would agree to this, as these actions kills the trust of the users immediately once they realized they have been played. Advertising as your business model is deeply flawed, and Google and Facebook’s executive morality depict companies out of tune with basic human rights, in the pursuit of profit.

Zuck’s guilt is as sure as Facebook is screwed.

You can view all 250 pages of the Facebook documents right here.

As for me all I can say is see you later Zuck, your apps just feel dirty to me.

In closing my Instagram, I’m free of this corrupt soul.