Maybe it’s time founders and corporate executives were actually held accountable for the crimes of their companies.

Mark Zuckerberg Should be Held Accountable

If you are a founder and your company does illegal things, shouldn’t you be held accountable on some level? When you have nearly total control over said company’s decision making and stock shares, and basically a monopoly in the boardroom?

Silicon Valley Needs to be Regulated

I think it’s a really serious affair. How many data, privacy and public violations until you face some sort of legal and regulatory consequence? Does Silicon Valley ever get any oversight? I think these are really valid questions.

Recently, lawmakers are calling for Zuckerberg to be held accountable for Facebook’s privacy fumbles. That is, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing mounting pressure in Washington to be held accountable for the company’s use of customer data in late April, 2019.

Facebook Has Broken Laws

The FTC opened an investigation into Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, centered around the company’s 2011 agreement with the agency. This is not the only serious litigation issue pending. Even just this past week, Facebook may have broken the law by harvesting 1.5 million users’ email contacts, experts say.

Facebook is a Media company, but they don’t act like one. So obviously the Facebook/FTC settlement could and should include “heightened oversight” of Zuckerberg, along with some serious fines. Because how else can we have justice in a world where technology firms are doing what they please on an advertising owned internet?

Data Should be Monetized by Citizens not Corporations

In a better world our data would be monetized for our own basic income of the age of AI. Instead of you know, being siphoned to Silicon Valley oligarchs. Wealth inequality is becoming a bigger problem because of issues like these. The Middle class is in jeopardy, it is a national emergency.

Two Democratic senators voiced support for Zuckerberg to be held personally responsible for the company’s privacy fumbles following a Washington Post report that claimed the Federal Trade Commission is considering how to hold him directly accountable.

Tech companies lobby for all kinds of reasons, but the age of regulation of BigTech companies of Silicon Valley is coming, it has to come. Preferably, sooner rather than later.

Facebook Put on Notice by FTC

“Facebook was put on notice about its practices long ago — the FTC must now take aggressive enforcement action and name names,” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a member of the judiciary committee, said in a statement.

If top executives aren’t held accountable, we are creating an America where corporations have nearly unlimited power. That’s not good for Democracy and it’s certainly not good for Capitalism. So will Zuckerberg get any karma on the activities of Facebook?

Holding Mark Zuckerberg and other top Facebook executives personally at fault and liable for further wrongdoing would send a powerful message to business leaders across the country: You will pay a hefty price for skirting the law and deceiving consumers.” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal continued.

The FTC’s probe into Facebook centers around a 2011 settlement where Facebook agreed to receive explicit permission from users before sharing their personal data.

Facebook’s History of Corporate Ethics is a Millennial Leadership Nightmare

However we know Facebook had considered selling our data and was asking around what it might be worth. It decided to give it away to other Tech companies who all use it to hack us. That shouldn’t have been Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to make, after all it’s our data.

Recently it came to light Facebook harvested 1.5 million users’ email contact data without their consent. In doing so, Facebook might have violated US and EU laws, experts say. Already the EU has targeted Facebook and Google for unfair practices and monopoly like behavior that disregards the rights and privacy of users.

The Chinese BigTech Wave is Coming

The major problem with what American tech companies have done, is it’s now a playbook Chinese companies will use to get ahead globally. ByteDance going after the private data of minors on its platform is a case in point via their TikTok app.

Facebook is already under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission for potentially violating a consent decree. Sadly while algorithms govern our online activities and echo bubbles, it takes years for Governments or regulatory bodies to even begin to realize how they should be acting towards the internet and Tech companies.

Powerful lobbying by companies such as Facebook and Amazon slows down any justice and regulation here, where politicians are liable to corruption.

The recent 1.5 million exposure is part of the same one that affected up to 600 million Facebook user passwords. Facebook originally said the exposure affected thousands of Instagram passwords. Facebook clearly doesn’t have very sincere interests in regulating itself in a truthful way.

Blumenthal said in the case of the FTC investigation, action must be taken against Zuckerberg because he and Facebook are closely intertwined. Mark Zuckerberg has far too much control over such a powerful entity as Facebook. It’s one of the worst abuses of power globally currently in place. In spite of shareholders rebelling against it, Wall Street now doesn’t seem to mind the monopoly because it’s making money, it’s making investors money.

American Capitalism is Hacked by Silicon Valley Every Day

American Capitalism isn’t very well regulated for social justice online it would seem. Federal regulators investigating Facebook are “exploring his past statements on privacy and weighing whether to seek new, heightened oversight of his leadership,” the Washington Post reported. The same Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon I might add.

Is it time for Mark Zuckerberg and corporate executives to be held accountable for the practices they do? Google’s breaches of anti-competitive practices with Android come to mind here. Mark Zuckerberg is next-level when it comes to a lack of ethics with regards to how the internet functions to profit from the data of its users. And, it’s made a lot of people upset with a lot of damage “connecting” the world with his “family” of apps to the point where it’s a bit morbid.

Mark Zuckerberg Can Afford to be Held Accountable

The discussions about how to hold Zuckerberg accountable for Facebook’s data lapses have come in the context of wide-ranging talks between the Federal Trade Commission and Facebook. What corporations do matters, and the people at the top need to realize that. They need to realize they are personally responsible for how corrupt the internet has become.

Who pays for the mental health or productivity damage of app addiction? Who pays for the privacy and data exploits used on innocent well meaning content sharing citizens? These are severe breaches of corrupt ethics on how consumers are mistreated and used for ad-profits. Mark Zuckerberg proposing a pivot to privacy, is like Donald Trump stepping down from office due to the Mueller report. It’s beyond belief that he would try to play that card.

There’s something very wrong with the internet, and it really is Mark’s fault.