Pocket Book of Productivity Hacks — II


You don’t have to live with regret, tolerate mediocrity, or accept your natural ignorance.

You can simply choose to be better, do more, accomplish your goals and live with more health, commitment to life and actively nurture relationships.

Maybe you are starting to sour on what once made you happy, it’s okay to give yourself permission to change.

Maybe you are more ready to start to make the sacrifices that will lead to long-term fulfillment and not simply dopamine spikes and bursts of manufactured reinforcement based paired joys.

Obviously this will all occur within your natural traits, genes, ability and preferences. However the risk of creating your own utopia is better than the alternative of the group-think of living a slave to the technological dystopia.

Bite Sized Life Hacks

1. Practice Interval Cognitive Resetting

What do I mean by this? The power nap, the micro exercise break, the social re-set. Anything that resets our system can increase the following 90 to 120 minute period. Therefore frequently resetting our system means we can accomplish more and work smarter.

2. Each Day Make a List of “Must Dos”

Thinking big picture each day will allow us to get the stuff done that actually matters. We can chunk these big goals without writing each step down, but writing the important stuff down helps us track our own productivity.

3. Give your Phone a Nap

Putting your phone on Airplane mode or some iteration of rest, isn’t just good for you, it gives your brain a chance to spend time with itself. As fasting in moderation is good for us, so is fasting from our apps. Tuning out distraction for large blocks of the day helps us evade the unnecessary stress of technological life on our system so we can focus on what actually matters.

4. Train your Concentration Muscle

Do you really know how to focus? More than 90% of us cannot multi-task in any functional sense, so learning how to truly be task-focused is a skill we can build up. This will enable us to achieve a lot more in a shorter duration than we could otherwise. A lot of studies point to the lack of efficiency of working over-time, but knowing how to concentrate means achieving more in the usual time-frame.

5. Spend a Minimum of 60 Min a Day Being Active

The benefits of exercise to sleep, cognition and long-term energy levels is too great to pass up. However become active could be social, it could be doing something you love with your significant other, it does not have to feel stressful. Being active means saying ‘yes’ to life and accepting our biological origins, being in nature and getting out more.

6. Live Frugal like an Asian Woman

I have major respect for women of Asian descent, they are terrific with money and moderation in spending. This enables houses, grandchildren and well — their own dynasty. As consumers we are becoming discount shoppers, green selectors and healthy eaters and this is essential for keeping our debt to income ratio within reasonable limits and saving. We need to do this in an era of skyrocketing student loans, housing prices and ballooning healthcare costs.

7. Consume regular Servings of Fruit and Vegetables

Think about food as a direct translation to mood and mental states. To do more you’ll want the healthiest fuel to serve a strong foundation. The correlation between nutrition and “feeling good” or even more so, “feeling bad” is incredible. It sounds so basic, but by consuming regular snacks and drinks of plant based ingredients, we are tuning into nature and the planet itself.

8. Have Standing Meetings and Delegate Better

In work situation there are a few hacks that can lead to better team productivity. We are so obsessed with ourselves that we forget to apply these same things to how we manage our teams, and work better together. Having short 30-min scrum like standing meetings promotes better teamwork. Delegating tasks efficiently though online tools like Trello, can help us be accountable while balancing work-loads in our workflows.

9. Reduce and Activate Dead Time

Reducing the number of wasted hours or making them more productive can you save you x number of hours per week. That’s y number of hours a month and z number of hours per year. Think about this in terms of reverse compounding time saved.

  • Reducing commute time.
  • Being more semi-productive during leisure time.
  • Learning to work from your mobile device.

10. Declutter your Life’s Habits

Frack decluttering your desk, you need to unlearn your bad habits. There’s literally no way around this. You are a product of your life’s habits, cognitive routines and what you spend the most time thinking about. This means being disciplined, sacrificing and working more attentively towards long term goals, and not simply succumbing to short-term pleasures.

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