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Samsung Folding Phone

Before 5G and blockchain phones get more common, the long awaited folding phones are arriving. Samsung recently unveiled a folding handset at an event in San Francisco.

Why could this be important for mobile innovation? Well as you might have guessed already, folded, it’s a smartphone. Unfolded, it’s a tablet. Samsung is getting all Apple on us.

So is its Infinity Flex Display truly “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow”? Maybe, but probably not. Though it’s like a koan of smart phone lore: “How can we make the screen bigger without actually increasing the size of the device itself?” Haha, well….


With global saturation of the smart phone market they had to create a diversion that was different enough that we might actually think we should own one of these. The device will run on a special version of Android developed in partnership with Google and designed around foldable-display designs.

Samsung wanted to showcase its secret so behold a pitch black room, a company exec showcased the device, which was housed in a larger case to “obscure the form factor.” Maybe they should call the Infinity Flex the Samsung Ninja instead.

We know that when fully open, the phone’s display is 7.3 inches. Will the foldable smart phone design be popular? Regardless, Samsung says that it will start mass production of the new display type in the coming months.

Samsung has teased the concept since oh around 2013, but is now in a race with Huawei to release the idea. While yhe phone itself remains unnamed, the display itself is called “Infinity Flex.” Not exactly forthcoming for the holidays sadly. You might say it’s the beginning of the “ phablet”, though the trend might not end well. It could be a useful work phone though. Would you be interested to own such a device?