Do I Need to Take Part Time Courses?

If you are seriously pondering the above question, most likely the answer that is floating inside your head is YES! This is especially true if you are stuck in a career rut and have not seen a promotion or an upgrade for a substantial amount of time. Or maybe you are thinking of switching to a new career entirely. Thankfully, when it comes to part time courses in Singapore has a treasure trove of educational opportunities, thanks to their SkillsFuture program and accompanying SkillsFuture Credit.

Still don’t know what is SkillsFuture and its SkillsFuture Credit program? Then this blog is definitely for YOU!

What Can Your SkillsFuture Blog Do For Me?

For starters, we’ll be making a few introductory blog posts on the SkillsFuture program itself and, most importantly, that $500 in SkillsFuture Credit that you can use when you do get around to applying for that part time course you want to take. We’ll give you the complete steps on how you can access and avail of this credit at your very own account via the SkillsFuture portal.

Now, the SkillsFuture portal is a very nifty site which houses the comprehensive SkillsFuture Course Directory, which boasts of over 10,000 part time and full time courses to choose from. Just some of the courses you will find in the directory cover the fields of human resource, advertising, financing, health care, basic computing, web design, and literacy and numeracy. The directory does not only cover technical skills training. If you are planning to develop your favorite hobby into a new career, there are part time courses in digital animation, photography and the culinary arts, just to name a few.

With so much learning opportunities in just one site, how can you pick the courses that are right for you?

Not to worry! We’ll present you with handy tools by which you can perform an assessment of your current skill set so that you can determine which skills you need to acquire or develop further. If you don’t trust your own personal assessment, we will give you valuable advice on how you can approach your supervisor and manager for a skills assessment or obtain such a report through outside agencies accredited by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Once you know the skills that you need to develop, we shall guide you on how to search through the SkillsFuture Course Directory.

We’ll even share with you this cool, cost-saving secret! Many of the courses in the directory are actually being subsidized by the Singaporean government. With our guidance, you can choose a heavily subsidized course, so that you end up spending little to NO MONEY AT ALL from your SkillsFuture Credit!

I’m Interested! Where Do I Sign Up?

All you have to do is subscribe to our little blog, get updated with no strings attached. We’ll be glad to have you on board as we cruise through a profitable career for you via SkillsFuture!