Edu-Stats: An Open-Source Parser For Academic Metrics

EduStats parses your citation counts, h-Index, i10-Index, etc. from Google Scholar, Scopus, ResearcherID, Mendeley, …

Kaveh Bakhtiyari
Futurist Zone


Academic metrics are important measures in the scientists and scholars society. Each of these metrics shows the importance of each published paper (e.g. citation counts) and the reputation of the authors (e.g. h-Index). Published materials are the products of scholars and the metrics are like their revenues. Therefore, it is crucial for the scholars to monitor and track their own metrics in order to improve their research, focus, and performance over time.

There are many available metrics such as (but not limited to):

  • Citation Counts: it accumulates the total number of citations that all published papers of a scholar have received.
  • h-Index: it says there are at least “n” number of papers, which have received at least “n” citations each. This is the most common and well-known metric in the academic society. However, it has some weaknesses, for example, it can not differentiate between a quality author and a quantitative author.
  • i10-Index: this metric is proposed by Google, and it is shown in Google Scholar profiles. It shows the number of papers which have received more than 10 citations.

Unfortunately, the scholar indexing services such as Google Scholar, Scopus, ResearcherID, Mendeley, etc. do not provide any public API to access, process and show this information automatically on institutional and personal websites.

Edu-Stats 2.0.0 API

Edu-Stats is an open-source software developed in PHP and ASP to scrap scholarly profiles of Google Scholar, Scopus, Mendeley, and ResearcherID in order to extract the scholar metrics. This software takes few parameters to set profile IDs and output style.

Edu-Stats 2.0.0 API parameters

Output of the software can be in JavaScript or JSON formats based on the user’s requirements.

A sample output of Edu-Stats 2.0.0 in JSON format

The further technical information, source code, and a live demonstration can be accessed in Edu-Stats info page ( The current released version of Edu-Stats is 2.0.0.

Legal Disclaimer

The usage of this scrapper (or any scrapper in general) should comply with the terms and conditions of the parsed website, and the users are solely responsible for any misuse of this software. The developer(s) of this software do(es) not hold any responsibility.