a Holographic Visualization series

We are all still in the very early days of exploring this game changing medium called Mixed Reality.

These conceptual dives into the world of Holographic Visualization are intended to spark your imagination. Let’s figure out together how we can best take best advantage of this multi-dimensional design space.

These pieces fast forward us to a time when we’ll all think nothing of it. It’ll be ubiquitous and quite expected — that’s why the observer can see all of the publicly visible holograms.

A continuing series.

UPDATE — you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process of these explorations here: “The Making of HoloScenes”

“Guest Speaker” looks at the use of public space at industry conferences. Surfacing the key sessions and people vs. digging through websites and printed programs. How often did you duck out of a session to network or see what else is going on only to find there are too many things happening at once? What’s the quickest way to the room where that talk is?

“Next Quarter” is a look at how working with remote teammates, customers, and clients can move beyond today’s frustrating and awkward dynamic to one that has truly meaningful interactions with presence and context.

“Inside the Data” portrays the next frontier of data visualization — directly interacting with information at room scale. The ability to be present within the data itself opens up new kinds of explorations, insights, and action.

“Break Time” is a snapshot of how our social interactions and personal moments often collide in public spaces. Moving the focus of our attention away from screens and back toward each other is hard to imagine today.

“Gallery” is deceptively simple, but profoundly impactful. Art, music, and architectural elements are combined to provide a more informative and personal experience for any type of gallery setting — and no longer requires the originals to be present to thrill the audience, widening the artist’s reach.

“Live From Somewhere” takes us to any number of beautiful hotel lobbies who lack any kind of personality or live entertainment for guests. Imagine being able to groove with dancing holograms and the hottest DJ beats — all without actually disturbing guests who aren’t into it.

“Ready Player One” is an easy scenario to understand — being able to actually experience the books you love while you read them. Not just stealing video from a movie version, but rather integrating important elements naturally in the storytelling process.

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UPDATE — you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process of these explorations here: “The Making of HoloScenes”

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Mike Pell is leading Design for The Microsoft Garage, an innovation accelerator turning employee’s wild ideas into reality daily, worldwide. Bold, insightful and uncompromising, Mike is recognized as a thought leader in the field of Holographic Visualization and Smart Information.


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