Building side projects

What created a strong bond between me and Alex, was the fact that we are both obsessed learners. Both of us have a very structured way to learn, and both of us are lifelong learners.

Every day we want to learn something new. We are curious about many interesting things, from programming to AI, to cooking. Right now, Alex is taking a class on Udacity on AI and I’m taking a class on Codementor on Mastering JavaScript. For fun, we’re both learning Spanish.

When we started Futuristico, we wanted to have a mission. And after days of powerful brainstorming, we found it. Using technology, we want to create new types of jobs for people, jobs people will love. Jobs that will empower them to be entrepreneurs, jobs that will give them the freedom and the financial support to live an amazing life. No matter where they are from.

We are also passionate travelers and many of our friends are. Some told us that they would love to find a job that will give them the freedom to travel the world. And that is how we decided to build Tomo.

We want to build a better way to travel, one that provides joy for the travelers as well as for the agents planning their trips. We want to create dream jobs for those who love to travel and can provide planning expertise. And Tomo will empower them to help people travel like never before.

And because learning is so important to us, and we like to try so many things, we decided to incorporate this habit into our company—the habit to launch side projects. We want to launch them because we want to learn, but if they take off, it will be even more rewarding for us.

Some people may argue with this, saying that such a strategy can bring the team to a lack of focus. But there are so many examples of companies doing so well with this strategy. I want to mention only two that I love: Apple and Google. Lately, many startups adopted this strategy to boost creativity inside the team, but also to get traction on the core products.

Having this at the core we acknowledge that creativity is one of the most important values we are looking for at Futuristico.

We are going to share our journey and if you’re interested in how we work, the best way to stay in touch is via Twitter.