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Why choose Futwork for your outbound calling

One of the many long-lasting effects of COVID-19 is that it has made companies of all sizes focus on transforming their core business processes and entertain new ways of doing business.

One of the most heavily impacted areas has been customer contact centers, which have seen a sudden and dramatic shift toward remote working. Handling high volumes of inquiries is a large undertaking in normal circumstances, but as COVID-19 has increased support volume and created labor shortages at many contact centers, businesses are feeling the squeeze. Many brands operate contact centers with outdated technology, relying primarily on phone, session-based chat.

As call centers are slow to adapt to the new changes, the negative impact on the well-being of their agents has created a lot of distress in the calling industry. With gig work and technology hand in hand not only did Futwork overcome these challenges but also was easily able to scale its operations through automation.

Here is how Futwork is disrupting and transforming the calling industry while providing results.

With Futwork, companies save as much as 40% in hidden costs and overheads as compared to a call center. We all can agree a company is as good as its ability to change and adapt in order to serve its customers better. There is no doubt that an on-demand workforce is the future of the business as no company wants to invest in full-time resources with limited work to allot.

The future of work is here, so what are you waiting for?

Schedule a demo with us by filling the form here or write to us at hello@futwork.com and we will get you started.



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