Bi-Weekly Update: 09. 11. 2018

Here is the first Bi-weekly update of November. This Bi-weekly update includes an upcoming event, a new partnership with Terra and patent pending.

New Partnership: Terra

As it was announced on November 7th, FuzeX signed a Memorandum of Understanding(“MOU”) with Terra, a global block-chain company. Through this partnership, FuzeX is able to mutually cooperate with Terra’s online payment additionally to off-line payment project. This partnership will make FuzeX reach the ultimate goal of making cryptocurrencies as useful and as usable in everyday life as conventional fiat currency is now.

Terra utilizes price-stable cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption and builds financial infrastructure for the next generation of decentralized applications. Terra is not affected by volatility like other cryptocurrencies so that it could be used in e-commerce site just like fiat currency.

We are pleased to announce this partnership of creating a further utility of cryptocurrency in daily life and will constantly discover various method to increase the usability of cryptocurrency.

Please click here for more details on partnership.

Upcoming Event: Inside Fintech2018

FuzeX team is attending Inside Fintech 2018, which is held in Korea on November 29–30.

Inside FinTech is the place where the most influential leaders, visionaries, developers and investors join together to seize new business opportunities, build connections and learn about the latest blockchain and FinTech innovations on the globe.

This year’s event is on track to attract 2,500+ attendees, including more than 250 CEOs from 600 companies and 40+ countries. Ultimately, consumers and fin-tech related businesses will gather for an in-depth discussion about innovations and visions of the future fin-tech industry.

The booth number for FuzeX is 504. Please visit if you are planning to attend!

Patent Registered

FuzeX team completed additional patenting its specialized cryptocurrency payment method on November 6.

  • Patent Name: Payment method for blockchain ecosystem and payment medium for the method(No. 10–2018–0134237)

This patent is a method that enables to make a payment with cryptocurrency in various payment platform without any change of existing infrastructure by reducing the transaction time of cryptocurrency.

This patent contains the most important features of FuzeX project and will register for the patent in Singapore, Europe, US accordingly.

  • Patent Name: Payment method by verifying the blockchain address and payment medium for the method(No. 10–2018–0134246)

This patent is a method that enables to use cryptocurrency in existing infrastructure including the steps from payment approval to transfer and settlement using a prepaid account.