Bi-Weekly Update: 23.11.2018

Nov 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Here’s the last Bi-weekly update of November. This update includes meeting with a new issuer in Singapore fintech conference, upcoming event(Inside FinTech) and additional comment(s).

Singapore Fintech Festival

FuzeX team attended the ‘Singapore FinTech Festival’ on Nov 12–16, the largest fintech business event held in Southeast Asia on November 12–16. At this conference, we held meetings with a new issuer and payment solution companies in the on&off-line area for faster issuance of FuzeX cards and launch around the world.

Singapore Fintech festival is organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore(“MAS”), which graced by over 250 global luminaries from central banks and regulatory agencies, financial institutions, venture capital firms, and FinTech companies. Themes for this conference was ASEAN FinTech Opportunities, AI in Finance, Future of Banking, Future of Money and etc.

Key sponsors in this conference include VISA, Mastercard, UOB(United Overseas Bank), KPMG, DBS Bank. The conference wrapped up its week-long event last Friday, which drew close 45,000 participants from 140 countries. Key figures in the banking & financial industry have attended this conference and shared their vision and had an in-depth discussion.

We had a business meeting with other companies with below agenda.

  • FuzeX met a payment brand company to discuss card design and functionalities, in which the discussion was a very positive one. Specifically, we received information that it is possible to release our card products in certain jurisdictions via local scheme without actually going thru a global payment network system. With this information, our possible countries of operation also include Australia, in addition to other jurisdictions we previously mentioned.
  • In order to prepare for the global release of FuzeX card, we met various payment issuers during the conference. We engaged in very productive meetings, in which we received confirmation that we can release our card product into the United States. FuzeX has the goal to proceed with the timely release of FuzeX card and the continuous development of FuzeX payment ecosystem. With that goal always in mind, FuzeX is always looking into various ways to achieve our ultimate purpose. FuzeX will update to our community about new developments surrounding FuzeX project.

Inside Fintech 2018 with Blockchain Agenda

As it’s announced in the last BI-weekly update, FuzeX team is attending Inside Fintech, which is held in Kintex, Korea on November 29–30.

Inside FinTech is the place where the most influential leaders, visionaries, developers and investors join together to seize new business opportunities, build connections and learn about the latest blockchain and FinTech innovations on the globe.

We will share the one-pager brochure and the site soon. The number of FuzeX booth is 504&506. Please visit if you’re planning to attend!

Additional Comment(s)

We note that the cryptocurrency market is currently depressed as a result of the downward trend in the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, we understand that the increase of waiting time of BIN issuance for the FuzeX project has amounted to further concern to our community. Although the cryptocurrency market is outside of our control, we are putting forth our best efforts to deliver our promise surrounding the FuzeX project success as quickly as possible. In order to deliver our promise, FuzeX team is continually engaging in deep discussions with various payment solution companies, with the aim to release our card product to the public as early as possible. As promised earlier, our quarterly AMA session will occur in December. Once the AMA date and time has been firmly set, we will announce it to our community.

As always, we thank you for the continuous interest in the FuzeX project.


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