FuzeX : Airdrop FAQ

Last updated: 24th August 2018

The FXT distribution for the Airdrop Event (July 13~14) on Telegram Participation has begun on August 13, 2018.

FuzeX Team sent the confirmation email only to the eligible participants to ensure fairness and accuracy, and only those who have clicked the link within the email will receive FXT. The distribution for the accounts will take place in a consecutive order.

Up to now, a total of 302,000 FXT has been distributed out to 2,247 accounts in the first round, and the second round of distribution will be slated during August 27 or 28.

As we’re seeing a stream of inquiries about email on Airdrop or payment of FXT, we have compiled the following FAQ to answer frequent inquiries.

“I participated in the CoinEx Airdrop Event, but didn’t receive FXT, yet.”

The current airdrop email is in regards to those who has participated in our Telegram Airdrop Event. The FXT distribution for the CoinEx Airdrop is scheduled to be around mid-September, and more details will be announced separately.

“I didn’t get the email about Airdrop.”

All emails were sent out as of August 15. If you have not received email, please check your spam folder or make sure that your inbox is not full. If the inbox is not full, but still could not find the email in the spam folder, please click here to inform us with your basic personal information to identify you on the airdrop list.

“I can’t click the link in the email.”

We recommend you to open the Chrome browser, copy the link on a new address bar and press Enter key.

“I clicked “confirm” link, yet haven’t received FXT.”

We are distributing FXT in a consecutive manner, so we kindly ask for your patience for just a little longer. If 7 business days have passed since you completed all the process, and still have not received FXT, please notify us by submitting on the FuzeX Issue Tracker (here).

“I contacted you via email for my inquiry. What should I do next?”

For those who have already sent us inquiry emails, we are going to check again, and release a public sheet that you can check the answers to your inquiries. The public sheet is slated to open on August 29. The email will be once again sent out to those who have yet to receive emails even though they’re eligible.

Please contact us by 18:00 pm KST (GMT +9) on August 27, if you have not received Telegram Participation Airdrop Confirmation Email, or have any inquiries regarding the distribution of FXT.

Thank you again for participating in the FuzeX Airdrop Event!

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