FuzeX Card: Security & Loss Prevention

It may seem quite daunting putting your whole financial life into one card. But we take security seriously, so you can spend safely. Our FuzeX Card has a number of features that ensure your data, payment details and cryptocurrency are as secure as they possibly can be.

This short post will help to breakdown the steps we’re taking to ensure your payments are secure, and your information is safe.

Two Factor Authentication:

Our FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet act as a cold wallet for your cryptocurrency. To ensure that your cryptocurrency remains as safe as possible, we have added an extra layer of security that requires two factor authentication.

Additionally, the private key is encrypted and split between the FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet. In the FuzeX Card the encrypted private key is stored in a SE (Secure Element) within the FuzeX Card itself. In the FuzeX Wallet this encrypted private key is kept in the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment). This means that If the FuzeX Card is stollen or misplaced, it is rendered useless.

Additionally, one FuzeX Card to one FuzeX Wallet is the rule. As well as the private keys being split and encrypted, the FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet must be synced via bluetooth to work.

Remote Wipe:

In the event that the FuzeX Card is misplaced or stollen, the user can send a loss report to us via their FuzeX Wallet (app). Once we receive this loss report the card is marked as “Lost/Stollen” by our system. This means that if anybody attempts to connect the lost or misplaced FuzeX Card to another wallet (via Bluetooth), we will automatically wipe the card.

Loss Prevention & Tracking:

We also have preventative measures to try and minimise the risk of loss or theft. When synced to the FuzeX Wallet (via bluetooth), a push notification will be sent to the user’s phone if the FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet begin to move too far apart from one another.

If you miss the push notification, you can also track your FuzeX Card to the last location it was connected to your FuzeX Wallet via Bluetooth. This means that if you leave it at a bar or coffee shop, you can go back and retrieve it.

Passwords & PINs:

Passwords and PINs are the surest way to secure your digital assets and belongings. As well as requiring a password for your FuzeX Wallet, there is also an on-card 6 digit PIN code required to access your FuzeX Card. Without this the FuzeX Card is inaccessible for all forms of payment.

You can choose your 6 digit passcode when setting up your FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet.

Concealing Information:

Balances, card numbers and information can be starred (***) out on the e-paper display to ensure privacy. This option can be altered in your security settings on the FuzeX Wallet.

On top of all of the above, we will also be operating in conjunction with certified issuers only. This means that we will be compliant with all regulations, and we will also be operating through secure, existing payment networks only.

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