FuzeX Pre-Sale Bounty Program: A Guide

The FuzeX Bounty Program: A Guide.

As the FuzeX Pre-Sale looms ever near, we’ve decided to launch our bounty program to encourage community engagement, project awareness and participation in the FuzeX Pre-Sale itself. This FuzeX Bounty is for the Pre-Sale only. This post details all you need to know, and maybe more, about the FuzeX Pre-Sale Bounty Program.

What is the FuzeX Pre-Sale Bounty Program?

As stated above, the FuzeX Pre-Sale Bounty Program is to encourage participation in the FuzeX Pre-Sale and also to encourage open discussion about the project as a whole. The Pre-Sale Bounty Program has already commenced and will run until the end of the Pre-Sale which will concluded on the 15th of February 2018 at 00:00 GMT.

What amount of FXT Token are allocated to the FuzeX Pre-Sale Bounty Program?

Overall there are 53,000,000 FXT Tokens earmarked for Bounty Programs and Donations. The total amount allocated to THIS particular Bounty Program is 1,590,000 FXT Tokens. This constitutes around 0.15% of the overall FXT Token allocation.

We are in this for the long haul, and have plans for a succession of FuzeX Bounties covering the general Token Sale, Test Markets and National and International launches, too. This is where the rest of the allocated FXT Tokens will be used.

This is our first bounty, so our aim is to build a strong, dedicated FuzeX Bounty team that will take part in continuous future FuzeX Bounty Programs.

How are the FuzeX Tokens allocated for the FuzeX (Pre-Sale) Bounty Program?

These 1,590,000 FXT Tokens are allocated and distributed for the following 5 categories, please note that the token allocation is calculated as a percentage of the total allocated FXT tokens (0.15%). As this is calculated using a percentage, the total amount is subject to change. Please be aware of this before undertaking the FuzeX Bounty Program.

Please also note that if there is less than 6 participants in each category, the category will not be valid. Additionally, depending on participation, a cap for each participant may be set for FXT Token allocations.

What do I get for participating in the FuzeX (Pre-Sale) Bounty Program?

Participants who adhere to the rules and successfully complete the tasks laid out for each of the 5 categories (above) will receive a share of the allocated FXT Tokens. Token rewards will be calculated using the below formula:

Bounty Program Token Allocation Formula.

As with the above formula, FXT Token allocation is calculated using stakes. Stakes are based on several variables which are laid out for each category and explained below. These variables are based on the quality of work, number of followers, level of expertise and influence within certain communities. Stakes will be updated weekly. Be careful to read the rules for your chosen category or categories carefully. These rules are laid out in the Official FuzeX Bounty Program sign-up form here.

The Bounty Category MVP will receive a Fuze Card (Mag Strip) & FuzeX Card.

Also, we’ll offer a FuzeX Card & Fuze Card (Mag Strip Only) to the most active participants in each category and a Fuze Card (Magnetic Strip Only) to the runner-up.

When will I get my FuzeX Tokens?

FXT Tokens will be gradually distributed 6 weeks after the total FuzeX Token Sale Event has finished. This is likely to be the first half of 2018, the exact date of which will be confirmed by us through our official channels.

Also, an important thing to note is that due to safety concerns no requests for wallet address changes will be accepted at all. So, please be careful when inputting your wallet address. This is for our participants security and to decrease the risk of fraudulent activity.

What are the general rules for participation?

Participants must be over 18 years of age. The General Rules are covered here. please read them carefully. FuzeX reserves the right to change any rules or make any changes, if necessary, at any time. Also, if any of the criteria set out in the General Rules is not adhered to OR a participant’s behaviour is deemed to bring the FuzeX brand into disrepute, participation in the FuzeX Bounty Program will be terminated immediately.

This includes but is not limited to; duplicate accounts in the same category, misinformation, abusive behaviour, using bot/inactive/unrelated social media accounts, not adhering to the rules and disruptive behaviour. Please read the General Rules (Detailed in the Official FuzeX Bounty Program Documentation here) thoroughly before participating in the Bounty Program.

What should I do before joining the Bounty Program?

  1. Read the White Paper and One Pager.
  2. Join our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Telegram)

How do I join this FuzeX Bounty Program?

This FuzeX Bounty Program is open to participation now and will close on the 15th of February 2018, 00:00 GMT. to join follow these simple steps:

  1. First join the FuzeX Slack channel here.
  2. Once you have joined Slack, message @Yoon_fuzeX or @Tom.fuzex (ONLY) to be invited into the Bounty thread. All communication for this Bounty Program will be made via here, so it is important that you join.
  3. Click here to join the Bounty Program. Make sure that you fill out the relevant forms, and read the General Rules and category information.
  4. Start. Translation work requires prior approval from the FuzeX Team, but all other bounty categories do not require prior approval. So, if you are not translating, fill in the relevant form(s) and begin straight away.

FuzeX Bounty Program Categories: Quick Links

This is a simple breakdown and general overview of each category. Please read a more detailed account here before starting.


Bitcointalk.org Bounty Section
  • Signature Codes & Avatar: Get them here.
  • Posting: Make at least 3 constructive posts each week about FuzeX.
  • Review: We will track your progress weekly
  • Rewards: You’ll receive varying number of stakes according to your rank
  • Sign up: Here.

Blog & Media Publications

Blogs, Media Publications & Videos Section

This is specifically for blogs and videos. Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit and Reddit etc. are allowed, but only 3 posts per person are accepted on these platforms.

  • Create a Post or Video: Posts must be longer than 300+ words, and videos must be at least 1 minute.
  • Posting: Articles or descriptions of videos must contain at least 1 link to our website (www.fuzex.co)
  • Inform Us: Let us know about it by filling in this form here.
  • Rewards: All pieces of content are assessed in house by our team.


Translations Section

Prior consent for translations from the FuzeX Team is required. Please join the FuzeX Slack (link above in “How to Join” Section, please read this section first).

  • Priority Languages: Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi & Chinese
  • Note: We are open to suggestions for other languages, but please check with us first via our Slack channel.
  • Time: Time limits are set for each translation type.
  • Apply: Here

Social Media: Facebook

Social Media: Facebook Section
  • Post: Make a combination of least 3 constructive comments on FuzeX posts + 3 Likes each week and have at least 300 friends, followers or page likes.
  • Sharing: Share a post from FuzeX Facebook page at least once a week.
  • Rewards: Rewards are based on the number of friends or page likes you have.
  • Apply: Here.
Social Media: Twitter Section
  • Post: Make + 3 replies to FuzeX tweets each week and + 3 ♥ to FuzeX tweets and have at least 300 followers.
  • Sharing: Retweet FuzeX posts from FuzeX’s official twitter
  • Rewards: Rewards are based on the number of follower you have.
  • Apply: Here.

How do I report what i’ve done?

  1. Please report all Bounty activity for Facebook and Twitter to the FuzeX Official (English) Bounty Ann Thread on bitcointalk.org. Click here to report.
  2. Please make all weekly reports no later than Sunday 12:00 GMT. Failure to report activity on time could mean missing out on stakes for the week.
  3. Report examples can be seen on the comments section of the official FuzeX Bounty Ann Thread. User “GbrilliantQ” should be used as an example for how to post.
  4. Any issues regarding the Bounty Program should be directed at @yoon_fuzex via the Slack channel.

How do I check my Stakes during the Bounty Program?

Once you’re signed up checking your stakes is easy.

Stakes are updated every Monday for the following week’s activity. Participants can check their Stakes by using the link below.


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