Project Update 12: 31.08.2018

FuzeX Team here presents the last Project Update of August. Over the last month, FuzeX Team has dedicated in many ways to further boost FuzeX project by concluding the partnership with Dash and Allbit exchange. Also, the team has publicized FuzeX Project to a larger audience by successfully closing airdrop and bounty events. Kindly note that this Project Update consists of details regarding additional exchange listing, and buyback as it was announced.

Buyback Announcement

  • Buyback Period :July 31 to August 31, 2018
  • Buyback Wallet Transfer ETH : 2,200 ETH
  • Wallet Address :
    [CoinBene] 0x83f5d1b4074a70400cec48a08ade302318778235
    [CobinHood] 0x6fce228b9b5d610f6dcAe55620487b96d694AbEa
  • Buyback Usage Information:

On July 31, the buyback began with 0.000095 ETH/FXT in the main intention to stabilize the FXT price and settle the large sales volume on the market to raise its value. In the midst of a downturn in the ETH market, we faced difficulties due to the decrease in value of the available operating fund, and excessive selling volume, but were able to implement the buyback volume that we announced with our initial goal as the top priority.

Although all of the official buybacks has been completed, we have come to a decision to proceed with an additional buyback with a different wallet address in the future, after careful consideration of the current value of ETH and market conditions. However, we are concerned about the possibility of this additional buyback becoming a target for short-term investment schemes. FuzeX Team will not disclose the actual period and the buyback amount, and process buyback with a new wallet address. Then disclose the usage details when all buyback has been completed.

The purchased FXT will be locked for a certain period of time so that it will not affect the market. The locked tokens will be used for FuzeX projects and marketing in the future after the unlock.

New Exchange Listing : CPDAX

Listing Date : September 11, 2018

CPDAX is a top 50 exchange in the world operated by CoinPlug, a blockchain specialist firm established in 2013. As a member of leading blockchain ecosystems such as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), R3 and Hyperledger, CoinPlug pioneers the Exchange 2.0 platform that combines global ecosystems.

The company developed the first bitcoin ATM in Korea. Since 2013, Coinplug has been setting industry standards with products such as okBitCard (a prepaid card), a simple authentication process using a secret key, an international wire-transfer platform, and Fido-ledger, a private blockchain.

FuzeX Team is very pleased to be listed on CPDAX, which is one of the leading the innovation businesses at the heart of the blockchain ecosystem. As a team, FuzeX will further endeavor to meet the expectations of everyone who waited for the KRW/FXT pair listing.

Please visit CPDAX official website to learn more details.


Block Festa

The FuzeX Team has demonstrated the FuzeX card for the first time in front of many VIPs from all over the world at the BLOCKFESTA that ran from August 22 to 23. The audience included renowned figures such as Roger Ver, CEO and FuzeX advisor. The FuzeX card was praised by many participants for making cryptocurrency an applicable payment in everyday life.

World Blockchain Forum(WBF) London : September 2018

The FuzeX Team will participate in the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in London from September 3 to 5 as a Gold Sponsor. The WBF, where FuzeX Project had made its debut, is the lynchpin between industry and enterprise in the blockchain space. This year WBF will delve deeper into the future of initial coin offering (ICO) and the background behind the emergence of security token offering (STO).

The forum will feature in-depth panel discussions and presentations by global experts on leading corporations’ role in the blockchain industry, the blockchain sector’s influence on all sectors, and blockchain ecosystem. The business development team manager Alex from FuzeX will also participate as a speaker, and talk about the potential and future prospects of FuzeX Project with the enthusiastic crowd.

BPS Speaker’s Presentation Video

The video of FuzeX CEO Andrew Bae delivering a presentation at the Blockchain Partners Summit has been released. It features the overall contents of the project, including the background behind the launch of FuzeX project, and the direction of the project development.

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