Project Update 13: 14.09.2018

This is our first September bi-weekly update. We are pleased to announce that a new Community Team have joined our project. Due to this new change, our project update announcement procedure will be adjusted accordingly.

Buyback Phase.02

We would like to update the current status of BuyBack phase 2. After the first phase has been completed, we have considered various methods in order to stabilize and increase the FXT value. After internal discussions, we have decided to proceed with the second phase of BuyBack. As mentioned previously, in order to prevent short-term investment, please understand that we have not released details surrounding buyback amount and timeline. After phase 2 has been completed, we will officially release details about FXT purchase history, including the ETH use amount.


Upbit Developer Conference 2018

Upbit Developer Conference 2018

From September 13 to 14, FuzeX team have participated in the Upbit Development Conference (“UDC”) in Jeju Island. UDC is an event hosted by Dunamu (operator of Upbit Exchange) with its primary focus towards blockchain developers. With its slogan “Proof of Developer”, the event attracted many developers around the world to propel profound discussions, in regards to blockchain expertise and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The key members who participated in the event are Bill Sahara (Bittrex co-founder), Ned Scott (SteemIt founder), and Li Jun (Ontology founder).

Through this event, FuzeX team had a very productive meeting with an important blockchain and cryptocurrency company. Via this meeting, a starting foundation towards the partnership was established, which will further strengthen and establish the FuzeX tokeneconomics and ecosystem.

WBF London

From September 3rd to 5th, FuzeX team attended the World Blockchain Forum (“WBF”) London conference, in which it was able to draw great interest and recognition from the community by informing the public about the “New Era of Cryptocurrency Payment”.

During WBF, FuzeX had an in-depth discussion with various key figures in the industry which assists us in building a stronger foundation to become a leading entity in the global payment industry. The key figures are as follows: Roger Ver, CEO of; Nitin Agarwal, Founder of the global asset management platform B21; and DeCentra, a prominent blockchain marketing company.

New Team Members

In order to effectuate clearer communication with our community members, a new community management team has joined our team. From now on, Coin Holmes will be responsible for answering your questions as best as possible and make official announcements on Telegram. If you have any inquiries regarding FuzeX project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our Telegram channel.


Instead of making “Project Update” announcement in every two weeks, we are going to make “Bi-Weekly Update” announcements on every other week, in which we are going to cover multiple topics, including “Event Participation”, “Project Update”, “Exchange Listing”, etc.

In addition, starting from September 28, we are going to have a new public announcement format, in which we will make an announcement immediately once we receive any good news.

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