Project Update 4: 02.05.2018

FuzeX Team
May 2, 2018 · 7 min read

The first biweekly update of May is here. This is a little shorter than usual — but we’ll make sure to post a couple of separate updates in the next few days regarding our new team members that have started working here at FuzeX.

All three new employees have a vast amount of experience working in/with blockchain, card issuers, card personalisation bureaus and banking/finance.

So, without further ado — here is our first biweekly update for May.

Partnership Announcements

As promised, and a little bit later than expected, we’d like to announce two new partnership agreements this month. With our agreements freshly signed and our strategy in the process of being formulated — we’ll be working with the following companies closely in the near future.

Energi Mine Partnership: Save the Planet and Spend your Cryptocurrency.

We’ve partnered with Energi Mine, a UK-based blockchain energy company. We’ll be working with them closely during the next few months to integrate Energi Mine’s EnergiTokens (ETK) into our ecosystem with a cobranded solution. Effectively allowing ETK holders to spend their tokens with their cobranded FuzeX Card.

Energi Mine aims to promote energy efficient behaviour and offer financial rewards for energy saving behaviour, too. As Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine, put it:

“Our partnership with FuzeX will allow EnergiToken holders to spend their tokens in a way that feels intuitive and natural. This is a perfect practical example of Energi Mine’s effort to make saving energy behaviour as rewarding as possible. Users will be able to spend their ETK on whatever they want, removing one of the most significant barriers to true cryptocurrency utility.” — Omar Rahim, CEO, Energi Mine.

We’re happy to be partnering with a company like Energi Mine that offers a viable use-case for their ETK Tokens which can be integrated easily into our ecosystem, too. As our CEO, Andrew Bae, elaborated:

“We’re thrilled to be working with the Energi Mine team and look forward to supporting its vision of a decentralised energy market, while offering its customers a new way to use their EnergiTokens” — Andrew Bae, CEO, FuzeX

Who are Energi Mine?

Energi Mine is a blockchain and artificial intelligence energy solutions company based in Manchester, England. The company currently manages over $140 million worth of energy on behalf of its customers, looking after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands). Energi Mine is disrupting the global energy markets by building a peer-to-peer network to allow anyone generating energy to sell directly to another consumer. It has also created a platform for financially incentivising energy saving behaviour, rewarding individuals with tokens (ETK) with the goal of reducing global energy consumption.

Read more about the partnership here, here and here.

FuzeX & Qbao Partnership Announced.

As some of you may have heard today; we’re partnering with Qbao and releasing a cobranded FuzeX Card with them, too. This partnership will allow Qbao users to spend their Qtum, and potentially other cryptocurrencies, in their Qbao digital wallet using their cobranded FuzeX Card. Qbao/Qtum has a strong community presence that will help to expand the FuzeX user base and open up new horizons and markets in the future.

We’ll be releasing more on this partnership in the next few days in conjunction with Qbao.

Who are Qbao and what is Qtum?

Qtum is an open source blockchain project that is developed by the Singapore-based Qtum Foundation. Qtum’s mainnet was launched in September 2017 and so far, there are more than 20 companies building Qtum-based projects. These projects include: Qbao, Vevue, Bodhi, INK, Spacechain, Medibloc, and Energo.

Qbao aims to serve the Qtum community and other global blockchain users, by enabling people to better experience a new generation of blockchain technology and various other decentralised applications (DAPP) based on Qtum. Qbao Platform aims to become a social network similar to WeChat’s, which has a complete ecosystem of services and ancillary services, too. At the moment it has been reported that more than 3 million people are already using Qbao’s services.

You can find out more about Qbao via Telegram, Twitter or Kakao Talk.

Exchange Listing & FXT Token Unlock Schedule

FXT Tokens will be unlocked Monday 7th May at 9:00 AM GMT. We will be listing on our partner exchanges Thursday 10th May at 9:00 AM GMT. So far our partner exchanges are: COSS, Cobinhood and LiveCoin, too.

We will be working closely with our partner exchanges to promote the FuzeX Project and FXT Token on all of the aforementioned exchanges. We have allocated a certain amount of FXT Tokens to be used on our partner exchanges for marketing and promotions. These promotions will be run directly by our partner exchanges.

Our partner exchanges will announce listing this week through their official channels.


COSS is a Singapore-based exchange. Although relatively new, COSS has a strong focus on compliance which fits well with our business model and direction. COSS is also in the process of launching fiat pairings for certain listed tokens, too. If you would like to register on COSS, please go to their website here. As COSS has a particular focus on compliance, some KYC procedures may be required. These guides may be useful:

Useful Guides:

KYC Guide

Fiat Deposit Guide

If you have any questions, or would like to know a little more about COSS, check their Medium out here, or contact them via Telegram or Twitter. COSS will also be running extensive promotions on their exchange on or just before listing. So, make sure you don’t miss out!

Listing Date & Time: Thursday 10th May at 9 AM GMT.


Cobinhood is a Taiwan-based exchange. They are the world’s first zero trading fees cryptocurrency exchange. From the date of exchange listing or just before, Cobinhood will be running promotions and marketing activity on their exchange promoting our FXT Tokens and FuzeX Project. If you’re interested in buying FXT on their exchange or taking part in the promotions signup here.

If you have any questions, or would like to know a little bit more about Cobinhood, check out their Telegram or Twitter. The team are also very active on Medium, so if you’ve got the time — drop them a line here.

Listing Date & Time: Thursday 10th May at 9 AM GMT.


We will also be listing on LiveCoin, too. LiveCoin is a relatively established exchange offering fiat pairings and a host of other cryptocurrencies that are available for trading. If you’re interested in buying more FXT Tokens, signup to LiveCoin here.

If you’re interested in following what they’re up to, make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Listing Date & Time: Provisionally scheduled Thursday 10th May 2018. This will be confirmed with an exact time later this week.

What about other Exchanges?

We have submitted applications and are in talks with several other well-established exchanges — both abroad and in Korea, too. This takes time, as there are rigorous processes in place. Things must be done properly. This includes submitting legal opinions on our FXT Tokens and both parties performing their due diligence thoroughly.

The exchanges that we have approached, are with a view to a long-term partnership orientated agreement. Not just listing. Listing is very important for ourselves and our community, but a consideration must be given to the longevity of the FuzeX Project, as working with an exchange or exchanges with significant liquidity and the correct licensing means that we can provide a scalable service in the future. We will update our community when we hear the results. We predict this may happen sometime in June.

Event Calendar: May 2018

We’ll be on the road again early this month. This time we will be attending and exhibiting at Consensus in New York. Consensus 2018 will feature around 250+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees from leading industry start-ups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic/policy groups as well.

We’ll have a booth there. So, if you’re attending and want to meet some of the team; drop in and see us! For more information about Consensus 2018 click here and register.


FuzeX Team

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