Partnership Updates

New Partnership: Dash

FuzeX concluded a partnership with a global cryptocurrency Dash. This partnership would enable Dash holders to use FuzeX card to spend their tokens.

In addition to partnership with Bitcoin Cash, the addition of Dash, which is one of the cryptocurrencies that most faithfully fulfils its original role of a digital currency, FuzeX has further enhanced cryptocurrency’s applicability and approached one step closer to building the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

New Partnership: Allbit Exchange

CEO of Allbit(Left), CEO of FuzeX(Right)

On August 9th, FuzeX and AllBit (an up-and-coming exchange in Korea) have agreed to a strategic partnership. Along with the partnership, FXT will be listed on AllBit on August 13th at 3PM (KST/UTC+9).

Through this partnership, FuzeX card users will be interconnected to their AllBit trading account, which will allow more efficient real-time use and processing of their cryptocurrency.

AllBit is the first decentralized blockchain exchange in Korea (opened on July 9th, 2017). It is an exchange that has recently been receiving a lot of attention in the blockchain industry due to the fact that the operator of UpBit (Dunamu), one of the largest and most reputable exchanges in Korea, has officially invested in AllBit. One of the biggest advantages of using a decentralized exchange, such as AllBit, is the significant reduction in risk of hacking in the user’s cryptocurrency and transactional history information — a prevalent and troublesome issue that exists in a centralized exchange. In addition, AllBit has eliminated any Ethereum gas fee while not losing any transaction speed (similar speed to the one that occurs in a centralized exchange). With these elements that AllBit provides, this makes the overall partnership to be a very monumental step in the continued development of the FuzeX project.

Mr. Jae Hun Bae, CEO of FuzeX project, has expressed that the partnership with Allbit creates an opportunity to the FuzeX users to have the right to select an exchange that is most appropriate to them and their needs.

Finally, we want to express to our community that FuzeX continuously strives for better news ahead via more announcements regarding more partnerships and listings in major exchanges.

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