Apple two-factor authentication user? Don’t lock yourself out!

Especially when working in a business environment

Your AppleID is your main account. Apart from being the key to all your data and postal adress, it also allows you to remote-wipe your phone, transfer data from one device to another or track your phone in case you loose it.

This means safeguarding your AppleID is vital and should be treated as a high priority task.

Apple has a security measure in place that is called two-factor authentication. This generally means that in addition to your email and password one of your devices is also needed to successfully log into your account.

If you activate two-factor authentication, which i stronly advice to do so, whenever you login into your AppleID using your credentials, Apple is asking your registered devices to approve access to your account. Once you approve, the servers send a generated code to the device you approved access on and you need to input that code into the device you are planning to log into.

However there’s one problem: If you only own Apple product, loosing it essentially means loosing access to the only device Apple could send a two-factor code to. Apple adresses that problem by alternatively sending the code to your phone-number.

But what if you lost your iPhone which happens to be your only Apple product?

You will no longer be able to receive your two-factor code.

You guessed it. You’ll no longer be abled to log into your two-factor authentication enabled account. This is a problem, not only for consumers, but especially for enterprise users that may have stored vital data inside their accounts.

How to prevent this from happening?

Add additional trusted phone numbers. Add a phone number of your spouse, your parents or even your co-workers to your AppleID. This gives you the opportunity to have the code sent to their phone in case you loose your phone.

  • Make sure you have access to the person owning the secondary phone number.
  • Log into your AppleID using
  • Switch to the Security
  • Click on Add a Trust Phone Number
  • Apple will send a generated code to that phone number.
  • Enter that code into the form that is displayed in your browser.

That’s it.

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