Here i am, starting a daily blog challenge

Maybe I’ll horribly fail. Who knows. It’s about the process, not the goal.

So apparently, daily blogging not only helps you remember the things you want to remember, but actually improves your thinking structure and enables you to evaluate events and newly gained knowledge in a more meaningful way.

Sounds awesome! But will it work?

Here are the basic rules of doing the daily blog challenge, carefully assembled by my glorious self by searching through the internet. (Googling for about 10 minutes)

  • Make it timely, a great first timeframe is around 30 days.
  • Write for yourself.
  • The goal is to hit the publish button, not writing deep, perfect articles.
  • Reflecting actions, events that happen to you, and new knowledge input you receive is the priority topic of this article.
  • Things you’ve always wanted to tell other people because you think its really important.
  • Write for yourself, not the likes, shares, clicks, or whatever.
  • If someone tells you it’s a bad idea, don’t listen to them. You’re already doing more than them to further develop yourself.

I have no clue wether I’ve got the mindset of writing publicly each and every day or not. But even if i break the chain, end up writing stupid non-sense or share secrets i should not have shared, i think like this challenge will give me an opportunity to reflect more about stuff that matters to me and improve my english skills.

Here are some rules I’ve made for myself:

  • I'll try to share tech knowledge i think is uncommon outside the tech-bubble.
  • I’ll first publish, then check for typos and better grammar, since my slight perfectionism regarding text often hinders me from publishing something, be it an email or similar. This will be a great exercise to wind down my own expectations and get more throughput.
  • I will not have this challenge affect the time i could spend with my children.
  • I will only write these articles during the mornings, since im an early birds, not a night owl.

So why not try it. Have fun reading it.