Kunjan Dalal
Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

People who knows me must be knowing one fact, that I am big admire of Open Source Software. Not because it is free or something but it do provide opportunity to understand software craft.

I always believe that be it paid or free, if and whenever possible tools, languages and compilers should be open source. There may be some drawbacks about this but getting a good community support is way better to ease out cons.

Even from day zero at Fuzzy Cloud, I always wanted my fellow friends to make mark in open source, till date I can’t drive them by example. But not any more. We are open sourcing internal application.

You can find github link here. It is Proof Of Concept; we did few days back to check out Ionic 4. I must say I am very impressed with results, we did create quite a good amount of screens covering every aspect of application. Requirement was to create application that can compare flight prices and hotel prices with single app. And within 2–3 weeks we are almost ready with UI part of it.

Home Screen of Raahi App
Hotel Listing
Flight listing

App is developed with Angular 6 but can be developed with any of your favorite framework. Yes, you heard me right, Ionic 4 is not attached with Angular anymore. But it did provide quite a good support for same. There are still many missing pieces to make native ready mobile apps but things are getting ready for better. Eagerly waiting for final release of Ionic 4.

Do have a look, and if you are thinking of having a word about it please don’t hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to it.

Until next time happy coding.


Solving Fuzzy Problems with Functional Cloud

Kunjan Dalal

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Failed poet, mathematics enthusiastic, functional programming evangelist and the last person standing in queue of alpha nerds. Claims 2 know C#, F#, Scala,OSS


Solving Fuzzy Problems with Functional Cloud

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