“Swiss Army Man” is one big existential crisis

What do you get when the combination of a lost man, a corpse, and lots of farts? Well, almost a year ago, the weird and wacky “Swiss Army Man” answered this question when it hit the screens. This walking, talking existential crisis flick surrounds the life of two castaways, trying to make the best of their situation with comedic and weird antics.

Paul Dano plays troubled and lost “Hank”, who has been in the wilderness for so long, that suicide is what he wants now. All of those thoughts change though, once he looks into the distance of the picturesque sea scene, to see his new best friend, and corpse, “Manny”. “Manny” is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, who will possibly always be known for and famous for his role as “Harry Potter” in the “Harry Potter” franchise. This film brings out a new type of character from him to add to his CV, and it’s not just because he’s playing a corpse with magic powers. His innocent personality is refreshing and brought laughter when he asks fellow castaway different questions. These two characters carry this film until the very end where even more are brought in. Their relationship is a weird bromance which ties the story in together, as well as makes it a questionable one.

“Hank” (top), “Manny” (below)

The performances in this film were certainly different from what both actors have done in previous roles. Dano’s “Hank” performance is good, it shows what sort of character he can play but he will need to prove he can play more roles other than an unusual, nerdy boy-next-door. Radcliffe has a point to be proven with this film, and he has shown that he can play a range of roles, even a corpse!

The main basis of this film is finding out how they two cope with being stranded in the wilderness, and how they make a life from it. From making up fantasy stories of what life was like before, to making a nearly to scale woodland build bus to reenact memories for “Manny”, which happened to actually be “Hank’s”, which is a selfless act. It helped to bring “Manny” to life and give him to something to think about and live for. Different situations help to bring this dynamic duo together, especially if there is a savage animal involved!

Promotional Picture. “Hank” (left), “Manny” (right)

There is one question I have for the people who helped come up with the idea and write for this film; how high were you? Many moments have left me in complete confusion and wanderlust. The combination of beautiful scenery and indie, calm music made me fall for the sets of where the movie has been filmed. The use of montages aided showing some scenes to show “Manny’s” magical dead body powers, such as when they encounter the bear, his solemn mood brings “Hanks” life in danger, but that is spoilers, so that is all I’m saying.

So, what does the combination of a lost man, a corpse, and a lot of farts bring? It brings a comedic drama, with a brimming bromance and fantastically weird and outrageous scenes which will bring your mind to the thought of what have I just watched?

Personal Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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